Justin and me had changed each others diapers, cleaned up, powdered and rediapered ready to go to the bar for a couple of beers and something to eat.

We got down to the bar just in time for happy hour and there was a taco bar set up,so we each had some tacos, refried beans, and spanish rice. After that and about three beers Justin and I were taking turns farting and squirming feeling the pressure on the bowels.
Well happy hour was over and the bar was filling  up. Justin decided to go play the jukebox, I could see he was taking his time picking songs. And than I looked at his butt and it was starting to form a bulge in the back and I realized he was shitting his pants, when he came back to the table I said nice load Justin  said how did you know and I told him he had Abigail lump in the back of his pants and I could faintly smell it also
We decided to move up to the bar , on the way to the bar I  put a nice little lump in my pants also. We had a couple more beers and the band was starting to play, then this little cute gal came up and asked Justin to dance. While they were dancing I could see her putting her hands on his butt and I figured for sure she would find out that he had a full load in his pants. I lifted my butt up off the barstool and filled my pants a little more.
When they came back from the dance floor Justin introduced us and  we decided to move over to a table, than she asked me to dance.
We just got out to dance and she asked me if my buddy shit his pants often I said I just met him and how did she know he pooped his pants, about that time she reached around to squeeze my butt and said that’s how I found out and that both of us were a couple of babies that needed our pants changed.
We finished the dance and she kept playing with my butt squishing my poop everywhere then we went back to the table and ordered more drinks.
She told us that she had little brothers at home that  were 10 and 12 and still pooped their pants all the time and that she changed them and would change us if we were ok with that, I  told her we would go in the men’s room and talk it over, so Justin and I went to the bathroom to piss while we were at the urinals peeing I could hear Justin filling his pants again so I grunted and finished filling mine, we both agreed that she was hot and that it would be fun to have her baby us.
We went back and told her we up for it but wanted to have a few more drinks and dance and enjoy our messy pants, she agreed and ordered us another round and took turns dancing with us and playing with our crappy butts
It was about closing time so we ordered a pizza and some beer to go and headed back to our room.
Donna followed us back and we each sit on the bed and ate a couple pieces of pizza than she said ok who’s first and I said Justin should be first because he shit his pants first, so I watched as Justin laid on the bed and she took of his pants and untapped his diaper revealing his poopie pants,she cleaned him up like a real pro you could see she had done this many times she finished by sucking his dick clean, baby powdering him and putting him back in diapers.
Than it was my turn and as I had been watching I was rock hard turned on and told her maybe she should start with my cock but she said she had to clean my butt first than my ball sack and than my cock. So she was just about done and getting  ready to give me my blow job when she stopped, her face turned red, and I could hear the crackling noises as she slowly filled her pants, than she proceeded to finish cleaning my dick and crotch area.
I told her I  could tell that she had shit her pants and that I would clean her up but she said she would wait till morning and with that she passed out with a full load in her pants.
 When we woke up in the morning I went to change her shitty pants and you’ll never believe what I discovered.   To be continued if you want,?……?

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  1. I’ve had fun reading all of your stories. They’re hot, dirty, natural, and revealing; you never know who might be into this kinky stuff. Nothing like filling your jeans and feeling it all mush up your balls and ass crack.

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