Hit young guy at the gym..

I was at the gym the other day. This little but well built Asian guy was lifting. Hairless and ripped he was in some tiny running./gymnastic shorts and a tank top. All of the sudden he had a weird look on his face, he grabbed his gear and headed for the locker room and I decided to follow.

He sat his stuff down took off his skimpy shorts and shirt revealing some really hot sport briefs that were light blue. He took his towel and shower bucket to the stalls which were full. He really looked scared when he exploded into his briefs. They looked very heavy and instantly had a big brown bulge in back and his packackage was growing and turning brown . He looked like he was about to to cry when I whispered it’s no big deal and I grabbed a clean pair of briefs for him.. he went into the stall when it finally opened up and cried they are to full to lower without making a mess. I told him to just put my briefs over his and a grabbed another spare pair that were clean but had shit stained badly from many accidents and had him put both pairs in ver his loaded undies which helped hide the stain and smell a little but not the bulge.. I told him his best bet was to put his shorts back on over his 3 pair of shit briefs and just head home and clean up. I gasp every him cover out the door and said said thanks so much. Saw him a few days later and he returned my underpants and gave me the washed pair he had loaded and stained and handed them to me. He said thanks. I see you have had a few accidents too. And I smiled and spankedhim in his firm ass. I just said glad I coul help!

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