High school wrestling team

This is a true story from my high school days.our wrestling team was rated as the no. I team in the state we had about three matches.left until state tournament.

We had a big match about 4 hours away so we were staying over night.
They had us staying in a national guard armory  building each with our own cot , the coach had separate room in the same building.
Anyway we won the match big time. Our light weight kid was Tim he was only a eighth grader but was undefeated for the year, Tim started out with a quick pin and from there we kicked ass. 
When the dual was over the whole team went out to eat, of course we were starving because everyone was trying to make weight all week before the big match.
After we all pinged out we returned to the barracks and watched a movie,than coach announced it was bedtime as we were getting a early start home in the morning.
I was bunked right next to Tim, even though I was a senior Tim and I were good friends. Some of the kids teased Tim , they had found out that Tim was a bed wetter and wore diapers to bed on our over night trips with the team.
Well coach came in and said lights out and we all crawled into our cots, about 5 minuets later I could smell poop, I thought at first some one farted but the smell lingered, and than I heard someone else saying they smelled it too. We turned the lights back on and discovered the smell was coming from Tim, so I asked him if he had an accident and he said no way, I even checked his diaper to make sure and it was clean, but the smell was still coming from Tim, but more up towards the head of the bed. That’s when I seen it, someone had put a pile of poop in Tim’s pillowcase. Like I said some of the kids picked on Tim.
Well I went over to get the coach and he came in with a new pillow for Tim, and than announced to the team that whoever was responsible should report to his room in 15 minutes if not the whole team would forfeit the next match.
Well the coach went back to his room and we all agreed to find the culprit as no one wanted not to wrestle.
Well after a little while Danny got up and headed to the coaches room. We all talked for awhile and than coach came back in and said everything was fine and that punishment would be announced in the morning after breakfast. Lights out and everybody went back to bed but Danny as he stayed in the coaches room.  In the morning we got to breakfast and Danny had a hard time looking at any of us. After breakfast coach got up and made his morning announcement, first he congratulated every body on a good fought match and than he said of course we did have an unfortunate event last night , Danny and I talked it over and I’ll let Danny tell you what we decided.
Danny was red as a beet as he stood up in the middle of all of us. He first apolized to Tim, and than he dropped his jeans just standing their in his briefs.  Coach said go ahead Danny, and with that he bent down a little and started filling his briefs with a big load of poop, everybody was shocked at first and than started giggling, coach said ok that’s enough, now Danny pull your jeans back up, Danny did so having a hard time getting his jeans up past the big load in his jeans. Coach than announced  that Danny would ride all the way home like that and that we should all get on the bus. 
Well it was some trip home, at first you could see the Danny was trying not to sit on his load but he finally did and you could just hear his load as it smashed around.
When we got home coach announced that Danny was to get off first and stand right by the door of the gym and we were to all high five his butt.  Tim was first in line and gave Danny a big swat on the butt and than the rest of us did the same laughing as we swatted his load. 
Coach said one more meeting and we all went into the locker room by the showers and coach told Danny to go ahead.  Danny got undressed down to his pooped in undies and they were a mess.  Coach said Danny is going to go in and clean himself up and rinse out and clean his undies and that if anyone of us screw up with curfew or any of the other rules we would face the same punishment using the same stained undies, he also announced the number one rule again what happens here stays here and that no one but the team was to hear what happened to Tim or Danny. And that was that

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  1. I think coach needs to put all the lads in diapers as part of their training, team-bonding exercise.

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