It was an assembly day and our twelfth grade co-ed catholic high school class was restless. It was late in the school year and most of us were looking forward to graduating. Sister Josephine was shooting all of us dirty looks from the front row of chairs in the auditorium. The girls wore their plaid skirts with a white shirt and the guys wore their gray flannel pants and blue ties.
Tommy Richards sat immediately in front of me. Although I wasn’t in his circle of friends, he was nevertheless friendly to me most of the time. That was good, considering he was probably the tallest and most handsome boy in the school. He was 18 but looked more like 25. He shifted uncomfortably in his seat and muttered to himself. I leaned forward towards his seat and whispered.

“What’s up, man? Is everything OK?”

“Not really. I got take a wicked ass shit.” That got my attention in a big way. He continued to move uncomfortably in his seat.

“We should be finished with this in about 20 minutes.” I offered, trying to make him feel better.

“I am not sure that I can wait that fucking long.” He moaned. He got up from his seat and walked up to Sister Josephine and I saw her shake her head and frown. Tommy walked back and sat down angrily.

“Fuckin’ old lady won’t let me go take a shit.” Tommy started gesturing to one of his buddies sitting across the aisle. He raised his sexy, muscular ass halfway off his chair and pointed to it.”

“I gotta take a shit,” he mouthed the words silently and his buddy grinned and laughed. Tommy continued to fidget in his seat muttering.

“I’m gonna shit in my fuckin’ pants. This school sucks.”

I continued to watch Tommy as we stood up as a group for a long, drawn out prayer. Tommy swayed from one foot to the other. I stared straight discreetly ahead at his ass in really hot fitting gray flannels.

The assembly was over. We started to file out of the auditorium. Tommy hurried ahead; I was right behind him as we exited. Suddenly, with a thud, Tommy tripped and fell. His face turned red for a moment and he continued walking. I was surprised that the sudden fall did not prove deadly to his need to use the bathroom. He somehow managed to maintain control. We were on our way back to our classroom and were about to pass the boy’s bathroom. Tommy broke out of the line and headed for it. Sister Josephine stopped Tommy in front of the door. He took two steps back and was directly to my left.

“Where do you think you’re going, Mr. Richards?” Sister Josephine growled.

“I have to go to the bathroom.” Tommy whined. One of the girls giggled and wise cracked.

“Don’t do it here!”

Tommy stood still and his face turned red. He farted softly and I could see that he was shitting in his pants. The mound of shit in his pants kept growing larger. Another one of the girls giggled.


Tommy bolted from the line and took off, sprinting uncomfortably with the huge load in his pants. The guys were quiet, figuring if they made fun of him, he’d kick their ass.

I got off for years remembering this incident.

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  1. a similar thing like that happened to me in 9th grade, We were taking final tests and I was wearing my white boxer style gym shorts and the teacher would not let me use the bathroom, until the test was over, I was bold enough to say, Do you want me to shit my pants? She didnt believe I could be possibly serious. I was at age where I wanted to know how it felt, So she said just finish the test. I finished the test waddled outside and let a nice healthy lumpy load out, and the class saw it, and started to walk home, It took awhile to get a date after that, but the teacher always let anyone use the restroom. true story

  2. My story was away from home base to take an exam I had been unable to get to in home town. I was pushed arriving and entered the hall all but wetting my pants. The need for a poo was nagging me but as soon as the papers were given out and we were told we could start I wet myself. There was no sense trying to hold on and I made a puddle on the floor. I was in the second to back row and a lot of others saw me and heard the dripping from the seat to the floor. It was not the fact I was wetting my pants it was the fact it was so public – 18 year old soaks his pants!

    As for poo I made it to the end thank heavens. I knew the answers and wrote fast, checked, at least an A+. I took my papers to the front where the woman invigilator looked at me like a piece of poo. As she was checking through the papers I was filling my white Jockeys with a load to die for, firm and a lot of it.

    I left the hall with a smile on my face, got on my motor cycle and bounced on my load all the way home. Mum was less than impressed but then I did do my own clean up.

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