Hiding behind my favourite arm chair,

As a child I can remember hiding behind my favourite arm chair and squatting there to push out a nice poo into my little pants, then I would just play on until mum came in and smelt me and I would get severely spanked, but it never changed me as I loved the feel of it and would always do it when ever I could get away with it.

I was often seen and pulled out from behind the chair and made to sit on the potty, but I would hold my self and not go until mum pulled my pants up again, then I would wait as she would check me every two minuets and then fill them while she wasn’t looking and I would continue to crawl about on the floor playing with my cars and feel all that loverly warm sticky poo all around my bottom.

I knew I would get hit for doing it in my pants again but it never stopped me and I am still enjoying and doing it today.

I love to do it but now I don’t hide behind things or squat down any more but do it in a the park or supermarket, I stop and pretend to look at the things on the shelves, I will pick some thing up and pretend to be reading it so I can concentrate and push hard but really I will be filling my pants with nice soft warm poo rather than reading all the info on the packet. That feeling is so great as it slides out all over your bottom and you can feel your pants streatching as you make a real good mess to be cleaned up later.

I always wee myself when I poo my pants, so I have to wear a nappy if I got to a place where I will be seen such as the supermarket, but if I’m in a forest I can get away with wearing only pants and shorts, if it’s a hot day, and just poo in them.


This is my favioutite thing, I pretend that I am back in my childhood and be that naughty little boy who still poops his pants.  As I let it all out feeling my pants fill up as I push it gently out, just like I did as a child. I am in heaven.

That is one of my favourite little games now, and if you have the courage to do it, it will get you very excited as you poop and wee in your pants and shorts in the open, I use shorts that will show it up well when they get wet and I must squish the poop well so it won’t fall out on the way back and so it shows all around the top of your legs and crotch area of my shorts.

I go to a forrest and park up and make my way as far from the car as I can before I fill my pants, then I have to get back to the car without being seen, I go about two miles away, on my mobility scooter, and then get onto the ground and just lay there and have great fun doing it, and sitting in it and squishing it all over my bottom then there is a far better chance that you will be seen in your wet poopy pants, it’s very exciting and you should try it at some time, it really gets your heart pumping with all the excitement.

Have fun my friends in your pants.


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