Hide and Seek

Gender: Female

Relationship: None

Pov: Females

Backstory: Millie had gone with her family to McDonald’s so her little sister and cousins could catch up, and now she had gotten stuck playing with them in the playground playing hide and seek, when she had suddenly felt an urge come from her bowels (couldn’t think of explaining it better sorry) and maybe another feeling… and this is the results.


Millie was only 18, not a normal teenager, didn’t spend her time googling over boys and crying all the time, she liked to spend her time on the internet, talk to her friends, watch YouTube, but there was one things she especially loved doing, that she had quite the fetish for, she knew it was wrong for her to love such a thing, but she couldn’t help it, as much as she tried to she always went back to it, she had never done anything like it before but had always wanted to, she had just been too shy, as she was thinking it over in her head, she was right now sitting in the McDonald’s playground, at the bottom level of where all the kids would take their friends and they’d put them in “jail” they had been playing hide and seek and new they wouldn’t find her there, she may have been big but could still fit in there, she may have been dragged into playing in there but it was better than sitting at the table bored.

She had been there for about twenty minutes now, she was just sitting there, leaning back into the wall, her legs against her chest when she felt sudden bowel movement, a slight whine Coming from her stomach, she instantly laid her legs back down and her eyes widened as she groaned softly to herself, knowing what that feeling was as she mentally cursed to herself and looked around as she bit her lip, she wanted to keep hiding until they gave up on finding her, but she needed to go to the toilet bad…but did she necessarily need a toilet for that? She could have a little fun with this, as long as she didn’t get caught..

Millie had still waited a little longer just in case they still would find her, until soon she heard them from above, running around, hearing them shout things, showing signs that they had forgotten and we’re now playing another game, she rolled her eyes and let out a soft and quiet laugh to herself, but then another urge hit her and she groaned softly, though then bit her lip as excitement started to build up in her, she could do it, there wouldn’t be cameras here…she sucked in a breath as she then knew she would either be her actual age and go out and to the toilet, or make one of her desires come true…she chose the second option.

Millie waited just a bit longer, wanting to build it up and hold it in, soon then she knew that she had to let it go, it had to go somewhere, she giggled to herself like a little schoolgirl, extremely excited about what she was about to do as she crawled over to the corner, she unbuttoned and unzipped her pants and pull them and her underwear down at the same time, feeling exposed and scared someone would come in but then excited again at the same time, she turned so her back and ass were against the corner, she was squatted and leaned back, pressing her back against the wall, she did one last check and look around as she bit her lip, she was anxious, it wouldn’t come out at first, nothing would, but then she shifted slightly, relaxing herself as she still had her back pressed to the wall, holding herself up, she closed her eyes lightly as to relax and she leaned her head back and started to push.
She only let out a few farts at first, only small so no one would hear, and then she felt it and more excitement built up in her, she pushed slightly, grunting slightly a she squeezed her eyes shut, her stomach doing flips it took a minute but it then suddenly came out, making a satisfied thump noise as it hit the ground, she moaned softly to herself as she then Let out a few soft poos, she blushed lightly to herself and she then got a new feeling in her, this time coming from her bladder, she bit her lip and looked around again, she had time..
She pulled down her pants further and still over her poo from just that minute ago she just let go, she relaxed and closed her eyes lightly as she then started to pee in the same spot, it being only small at first before then it turned into a full force stream, creating a quite loud hissing sound as she moaned softly again in relief, it felt so good, she felt so naughty, she loved it~

She soon finished and luckily had some napkins in her pocket, which she used to clean herself up, she had them with her in case one of the kids needed them, she then pulled up her pants, zipping and buttoning them up as she crawled forward, turning around and looking to the mess she Had made, she blushed softly but was filled with adrenaline and glad she had done it, as she then crawled our of the underground part and outside, standing up and stretching, the little girls then soon ran out and past her, hearing about ice creams, she rolled her eyes and let out a chuckle like laugh as she followed, hearing her name being called, she was wondering what the reaction would be when whoever’s kid or worker found it, but she would always from now in go and play in the playgrounds more often, maybe now just for a different reason…

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