Hi This is my first blog on here so hope u enjoy it.

Hi all, my nappies leak all the time, i think it is because they are supplied by the NHS and are very cheap ones. when i use real babies nappys they are so much better. they hold more wee than the NHS ones so sometime is use them as a soaker and they feel so much softer.  have u ever tried that?

i put a inco sheet on my wheel chair to protected it as i wee in mine all the time. i put a inco mat on the cusion and sit on that to soak up any wee or poo that excaped out of my nappy.  do any of u do the same?

that is what i like about these sites, u can talk 2 each other and say how u get over a problem and help others.

i think it is a good idea to blog like i do on here, but i olny do it 2 my friends that wont say bad things 2 me. i llke to be hounset and tell u all about me and how i feel each day. i spend a lot of time on a feeding machine or water drip so i cant move about so i get on here and post to u all.

i didnt get flooded and ther was just that tree down near me so i got of lightly, hope u did as well.

if you saw me you would have a fit. i am an ungy bugger, Lol.

Realy i am as i and very disabled.  I have not tried to hide this from you but i means i am not like you. i have tubes and things coming out of me all over my body, so not good to look at, and if im hounest, be with either.

I do have to do some prity discusting thing every day to live.

There is a good reason for me to live in a care home and it is better that you see me as you want to see me than to see what i realy look like. plus i dont han a camera and they own this lap top i no pic’s are allow to be put on the web unles they say.

i do take it back to my flat and i have put pics on here but that was long ago when a girl i lived with did it on her phone. we got caught and she was sent away and i had to go live it the big room with all the other boys for a long time.

now i have my own flat to live in but they watch me all the time. i have got some pics still but on a memory stick so they dont no about them but no new ones.

Sorry i was not on here yesterday but the storms have caused a lot of problems for us here but we are all save and well. Jimmy’s Nan has a tree crash down on the front of her house so she was trapped inside, she lives up Norfolk and Dee and Jay,jimmys mum and dad and it’s jays mom we are talking about, when up to help her. They left Jimmy with me yesterday morning to take care of till they get home again.  Dee left jimmy his old phone and some money but jimmy cant ring them as it has no money on it.  But he can receive calls from them and they rang yesterday afternoon to say they were staying the night with her as it was bad.  So jimmy is with me now and is at this moment getting ready to go to his school if it is open. we both had nappies on as he is a bed wetter.

The car boot sale was cancelled as the weather was still very windy all Sunday so we played together and then we made a gingerbread house and decorated it. it was fantastic fun and jimmy was as excited as I was. 

he has gone to school now.

hope u r well and we will talk again later. bye, Dean.

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