Helping My Brother

I live with my brother (we are college students). My brother sometimes gets constipated because his logs are usually big and solid. Yesterday he was constipated. He read somewhere that when you’re constipated, you should poop lying down, so he pooped lying down. He lay down and spread his legs wide apart in the air. He put his legs on his shoulders and I held his legs in place. I feel bad to say this, but I was turned on by his grunting (he always grunts when he’s pushing out a log, but he had to grunt louder than normal because he was constipated). He grunted each time he was pushing out a log (he grunted, curled his toes, and twisted his face each time he was pushing out a log). He made grunting sounds like “ngggggg, nggggggg”. Each time he pushed out a log, he moaned with relief and said “ohhhhh”. I got turned on watching his poop hole stretch really wide and seeing his big hard logs coming out. He farted a lot too. After he grunted out all his logs, he said it felt so good . He grunted out 5 big hard turds. He apologized for the nasty smell and thanked me for helping him. Then he got up, squatted down, & wiped his poop hole.

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  1. I would and I would have liked to think you both had a wank and cum in his poop. My dick is hard reading this.

  2. Very hot story. You are not the only one to get turned on by grunting and constipation.

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