helping buy pants

I was out shopping and there was this woman buy some panties she said can you help me I said yes she said I have left my glasses in the car and I cant see the sizes very well I am after a size 12 I said I said ok I was blushing and she said come on your only helping me find them ,ok I said these are a twelve here in this row o thank you she said , she said for being helpful I let you choose the colour ha I laugh ok I said I like these purple ones ok she said I get these and will you let me buy you a coffee for helping me I said ok . so after leaving the check out we went into the café and she brought me a coffee , we chatted she was very friendly and was very pretty woman , she said would you like me to show you me wearing them, I said here , she laugh no stupid but could come round to my place and I explain why I needed to by new panties , erm I said explain I thought you just brought them because you wanted a new pair I said she laugh o did need a new pair but there is more to it than that . ok I come to your place and you can show me them on but don’t you realise it will make me horny seeing you in just your pants she said I live alone and really hope I have that affect on you mmm . ok ok lets go I said . on arriving she shot off to her bed room and came back out just in her bra an new pants , wow I said very nice iam glad you like but now I tell you why I needed them and that is because I a kinky girl and I like being naughty , I said how do you mean being naughty, I like to mess my self , I laugh you like mess your self , yes she said, ok fine but why do need to tell me , she said you look the sort of guy who enjoys naughty fun so am I right. do you want to have dirty fun with me , at that she looked down at my groin I was getting a hard on and she said I am right, you do like it ,you got a erection ha ok I said , I said looking at you did that now you want me to watch you pee poo yourself o god ok , not so quick she said take off your clothes except your pants and follow me. she lead me into the bed room and told me lie on the bed , she climbed beside me and looked into my eyes and gave me a have snog at the same time she rolled on top of me and said that coffee has filled my bladder I really need go now and she started to pee her pants , she flooded them and soaked me and my pants it was very horny feeling her hot pee flow over my cock n balls and down between the cheeks of my ass , did you enjoy that she said I moaned and said it was really horny now I am going poo them do want put you hands on my ass cheeks as I do , I said ok but never had any body poo on me she said shhhh you enjoy it , with that I saw and heard her pushing and there was this cackle noise as she started to fill her pants. there was a lot of poo and I could smell it but was not that bad but I felt her pants they were warm from the poo take off my bra she said then put your hand in my pants and cup my breast in the poo and rub it over them . I did as she said and cupped her breast with the poo in my hands she moaned o god I love that and she rubbed her hand down over her pussy she was really horny now she said will you fuck me please I need your cock in me to fuck me to make me cum o god please iam desperate . so I slipped my pants down best I could and she grabbed my cock ready to guide it into her pussy , she rubbed her own breasts then rubbed poo from them over my balls it felt really good as it was still warm making my erection fully erect , she guided me into her pushing past her pants and she rode my cock I grab her pants down at the back and spread more of the poo over her ass and fingered her anus as she rode my cock think she cum a few times squirting me with her juices which brought me to my orgasm shooting my load deep into her pussy making us both quiver from our orgasms . after we both cum we agreed that been a great fun and wonderful experience which I did really enjoy we said lets get cleaned up in the shower where we had a bit more pee fun this time me peeing all over her . once we cleaned she said if you get asked by a woman to help her find some pants what will you do . I said if she is as sexy as you I deff will help her we both laughed and said we will do it again sometime I said how about next week lol .

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