Guide for playing videos on a Mac or Windows XP in Firefox

While FireFox works most of the time, on really old computers running Windows XP and some Mac installations, you may just hear audio and see a black screen. If you do, this guide is for you.

You will need to install an add-on for Firefox called ‘Net Video Hunter’.

Step 1 Open Firefox then go to the ‘Tools Menu’ and select the ‘Add-ons’ option:


Step 2 Search for the above add-on by typing in the search box.


Step 3 Install the highlighted add-on by clicking the ‘install’ button once installed you should see the message asking you to restart Firefox.


Step 4 Click on ‘Restart now’ as seen in the above screenshot. Once you have clicked this Firefox will restart and then you should see an icon (looks like a white play symbol in a blue background). See below screenshot for what the icon looks like, which is highlighted.


Step 5 Go to in Firefox then choose a video you would like to watch. Click on the chosen video. Then press the icon for Net Video Hunter. Once you press this a popup window should appear with the chosen video. Press play next to the video and it should start playing. Go to the settings (down in the right corner) and change it from “open in popup window” to “open in tab” then the player will open in a new tab instead of a pop-up.


Thanks to @luv2shitmypants for finding this workaround, and @desperationlover1 for writing this guide.


  1. I have had no problems in watching videos on mozilla i have no sound on them at all any ideas ?
    If i log in using internet explorer then they will play with sound but i don’t generally use internet explorer

  2. I just posted a lead toward a more permanent fix in the forums: using Firefox Developer Edition (, which has support. The problem isn’t @pooalexa‘s fault; it was Firefox’s. Firefox only had partial support for mp4 videos, excluding Mac, Windows XP, and Linux. They are including support in future versions, which you can preview by using the Developer Edition (which is much more stable than their nightly builds). I believe it will be in the next major upgrade cycle (to 34) that mp4 support will be included.

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