Help wanted

A few have commented that the old admin have given up.So why can’t someone come forward to take over this site and build it up to being what it was intended to be,so that it will benefit all of us.I am not bright enough to do it as I am barely able to get round here without help,but someone out there must want it to survive.

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  1. Eh, I have the skills to create such a thing.
    The problem is that I don’t want to invest time and money when the community is so small and alternatives already exist.

    If *you* (the person reading this) feel like investing money in the servers to run such a site, the domain, extraneous resources, then I suppose I would consider it.

  2. Well I would be very interested, BUT how much would it cost me? I really don’t want to invest a lot of money, & I really don’t know about running a web site. If the $ investment wouldn’t be to much, & I could get a person to run it with me, but to guide me I would consider. Again, I really don’t know what it would cost & what I’d have to do. But, we need this site back. All I want to see is guys naked bare asses doing their poo-poose for me to watch. Is that so bad? I don’t think so. Any suggestions?

  3. the site is still here guys, of course there is uncertainty about the owner but from what I understand she has a lot on her plate privately so I guess we should be patient until we get an update. But, aside from the forums and a few technical glitches the site hasn’t gone away.

  4. People have invested money in this site. They all bought memberships and got fucked over when the site went to shit

  5. I offered to act as admin years ago, mainly due to the amount of men that think it’s ok to post in the female video section…hate the arrogance of some people. The site is basically over now as far as I can tell. It used to be great before it was a pay site, I agreed with the payment though, wasn’t s lot of money and stopped all the abuse that floated around. What have we got in return though? The site doesn’t work half the time, horrifically slow servers, video and picture uploads that aren’t policed, probably the worse messaging system I have ever used! It’s a shame, because it could have been a great site.

  6. Lol @zukboy as an administrator? Yes,let’s make the guy who gets off to women’s panty poop videos and then trolls them once he sees their hands are not feminine enough to him…. even a 4 year old child can tell you that hands are not human genitalia.

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