Found a new place to poop my pants in public. I am very excited about it too. I usually do anywhere from 2 to 3 long ones at any given time so holding it back produces even bigger loads. I am nerving up to go into a store and find a pretty girl that works in the store and make a big poop in front of her for attention. It will be big because on the way over there I felt my lower stomach was tight. I’ m there now and can’t wait to go in my pants. The mall is not super full because it’s during the week. There is cute guys and definitely more hot girls. I rather like to poop myself in front of girls. This is the same mall I pooped myself last weekend at. Far enough away from home to not find anyone I know at least I think so. The last blog I talked about pretty girls and being changed. So I am looking for girls that I call LOAD CHANGERS. They could be girls that are pushing around a stroller and it is very obvious they are changing diapers. Pretty face, soft hands and maybe Asian. I just walked into a store that sells gifts and nice smelling scented candles and insence. That will help with the poop smell when I start. There is two girls working the shop. One is Latino and she has soft skin and lots of gold bracelets and rings on. Shiny and glistening and she is just pretty. She is probably in her 20’s. The other girl is my favorite…Asian like Japanese. Beautiful face and soft clear skin. Both girls dressed very nice. The store is semi busy so I am milling around and looking for a suitable place to start my pants poop. I want to be able to see them as I grunt. I do a stand up grunt/push and got a great view of the Latino girl. Yay! I am pushing it out in a heavy grunt and then it snaps off from my crack and goes PLOP! OMG! OMG! in a store next to pretty girls I have dropped a long one into my pants. It stinks a little! I don’t want to be sent away from them so I move to another location in the store. Another urge starts almost immediately. This time I can see the Asian girl as she is waiting on someone. I grunt until my face is really red. It comes out just like the other one with a dramatic PLOP! Now my pants are heavy feeling…filled with sticky most likely brown shit. I am super happy because I pulled it off and pooped my pants on purpose in front of two LOAD CHANGER girls. The being changed part is too hard to ask right now. This is too new and I’m not comfortable asking a stranger girl if she will change me. She probably would call security and I would be detained. I do want to ask a pretty girl if she will change me. It’s the dreaming of being changed that starts the whole reason I go in my pants…well part of it I guess. It does feel good landing in my underpants. I leave the store walking the mall to exit it and head to my car for the long drive home in poopy pants. It feels so good driving home in messy pants in the car.

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  1. A fascinating read..
    Thank you for sharing..
    I wish I had more guts to be able to do this, but a little different as I want to be told, forced to poo in public. You are braver than I.


  2. I just shit my diaper at the mall!!! I dropped a load the size of a softball in my diaper, and I had all ready started to piss in the diaper before I left the house. It felt great walking the mall in the wet, shit filled diaper!

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