This is a story about a fellow who lives next door and he had been secretly shitting his pants. At least he thought no one knew. First his younger brother found out because one day I was out checking on some maintenance on my car when I over heard his brother being asked by some friends where his big brother was. The reply was that He’s upstairs shitting in his pants. I got rather excited when I heard it because this guy is rather good looking. A possible buddy to load my pants with. I found out that way but later on I caught him squatting down next to a light pole on the street and that caught my interest so I just waited to see what he was going to do. He had on a pair of sweat pants shorts type and the kind of clothing that shows bulges real good. He was squatted and then I saw his face get red and it seemed like he was making a #2. I was about 20 feet from him and not where he could see me. I was getting excited because its something I like to watch. I was right I could see his sweats start to bulge out downward and it was a big growing round patch… it seemed to be almost as big as a small pumpkin. Now that’s a lot of shit! Before he left the light pole area I decided it would be best if I tell him that I like to load my pants too. I just wanted to tell him. So I sort of crept up on him and said Hi. He is startled and now seems embarrassed. I just say quickly to not be upset or embarrassed because I love to shit my pants too. That set him back some but immediately started to open up with questions like how often do you do it and what kind of shit do you like…diarrhea ,firm ? I just made a pooper friend and he is younger than me and very good looking. I told him to keep the shit in his pants for awhile because maybe I could join him since I hadn’t done anything that day. Eventually I did go #2 and I did it right in front of him like I like to do. Go do a huge load in front of a hot, cute, boy. I call all younger than me men..boys. It is something I can’t help saying. Maybe someday we can change each others pants. His hands are soft and it would feel good to get changed by him.

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  1. I had a similarly interesting conversation with two brothers that lived in the same block of units as me. One day during a conversation one of them, in an attempt to embarrass the other told me about how his brothers still pooed in his underwear. Rather than deign it the brothers being accused admitted to it and didn’t seem to be bothered by his brothers embarrassing actuations. The accusing brother then went on to tell me how he had done it on the plane during a flight to their cousins and again the accused brother admitted to it.

    Each time the accused brother admitted to what was said he looked at me like he knew I was a pants pooper myself and I soon discovered that’s exactly what he thought. When his bother went home and was out of hearing range the range the accused brother asked me if I had done it myself. Before I could answer he said “its ok I know you do as well, I have seen your undies on the washing line and I can tell you do it in them even though they have been washed”.

    That was quite a shock and I didn’t know what to say until he asked me if I did it accidently or on purpose. I could tell by his action and the look on his face he was enjoying the conversation so I admitted to doing it on purpose, which he definitely liked to hear. As he walked back home he kept looking back at me as though he had just confirmed what he had suspected all along.

  2. Wow airborne…..that is an awesome story….did you ever poop your pants with him..or ever catch him with a load in his pants?

  3. Yeah the next weekend while I was getting ready to fly my recently finished model plane he came over and asked if he could go to the nearby park with me. He had done that quite a few times before but this time I was curious exactly why he wanted to go, especially considering our recent conversation. Instead of being his normal talkative self he seemed distracted, like he had something on his mind and was either thinking or wanted to ask me something. Soon after we arrived at the park and began to set up he made it clear which one it was when he asked me if I was telling the truth when I told him I did it in my underwear on purpose.

    When I said yes he immediately smiled and confirmed he also did then told me he had done it at school during the week. Without even asking he told me in detail what he had done and how it felt and even the underwear he had been wearing. It was like he couldn’t wait to tell me what he had done and it was amazingly exciting hearing what he said. The entire time he told me he was sitting on the ground with his underwear clearly showing down the side of his pants. It was obvious he was intentionally showing them off and wanted me to know he had pooed in them.

    When he finished telling me what he had done he asked me to tell him about a time I had done it and it was very clear he liked what I told him. After a couple more of my stories he asked me if I was going to do it in my underwear, which seemed like a fantastic idea. Doing it while he was watching felt great and we spend the rest of the afternoon at the park in our pooed in underwear while we told each other our most favourite times we had done it. He especially liked to know the detail about the underwear I had done it in and how long I wore them after.

    When we got back to my house I discovered he had come quite prepared when he got clean underwear and pants out of his backpack. He then asked me if he could go in my bathroom to clean up and change so I told him to leave his dirty ones behind so I could wash them.

    After that day he started coming over after school a lot more often and he always left his underwear and pants behind.

  4. OMG that is a fantastic story!!! I so wish I had a friend like that…There was a boy who messed his pants all the time in my school but I was too shy to ask him about it!!! How did he get away with doing it at school? The boy that did it in my school always got away with it too, but it clearly smelled up the whole classroom but somehow he always got away with it.

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