When I was in my twenties I had an absolute fetish for anything bowel movement. Preferably in my pants or someone else doing it in their pants. It started much earlier in my life around middle school to be exact. At that age I really filled my pants with shit. I masturbated every day and sometimes more than once in a day. Always with shit in my pants. My little brother used the toilet and never went in his pants and could not understand what was wrong with his older brother…me. I love that stuff and today even more so. Can’t wait to get this stuff in my pants. In my twenties I still lived at home with my little brother. One day in the summer I got off work and had to S-H-I-T. I came home and went upstairs to change into tight briefs and do my thing. He always knew when I was going to do something like this. I always acted strange and it was not something new to him. Having a older brother shit himself for many years it became very apparant when I was about to go in my pants. I stripped down to my underpants and went into the bathroom and forgot to turn the fan on to drown out the noises associated with pants pooping. Because it was a hot summer day the window was opened and I overheard something outside. My little brother was playing basketball with some of his friends and one of the boys asked “Where is your older brother?” I couldn’t believe what I heard next. My little brother said…
“He’s upstairs shitting in his pants!” He ratted me out again so before I pooped I went downstairs in just my underpants and a pullover shirt that came over part of my undies I went outside where he was and in front of him and his friends I began to grunt and push out a massive long load right into my pants. His friends were cute and me being gay made doing a load in front of them just so much fun. Also embarrassing my little brother around his friends made me really want to be that bad boy that shits his pants on purpose. He said it to them that I was shitting my pants so why not show them all what a baby I can be and just let it come out. It was like four huge turds buckling up in my undies and when my brother saw it, so did his friends who immediately started laughing and calling me names .. I had a crush on all his friends. They were hot skater boys… I ran in the house real quick and put on a pair of light grey sweatpants and returned to another round of name calling. I immediately stood there right in front of them and began to wet myself. The wet pee stain went all over the front of the sweats in a very noticeable patch that grew to traveling down my leg. It was so cool I had did a load of shit in my pants and now I was urinating in my pants right in front of my brother and his friends. I really wanted my pants changed now. Who was going to do it, my brother or one of his skater friends I had a crush on. I then overheard my brother saying to his friends he would see them later as he had to deal with this. He got next to me and marched me inside. “Go on upstairs and I will be up in a minute” he said. I’m sure my little brother had a secret he didn’t want to reveal to anyone. He loved pee and poop pants because this time and many other times he changed my pants. I love you little brother…forever.

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  1. so fucking hot! this mirrors my life exactly right now!in sweatpants all time and always looking for the opportunity to take a huge dump in my sweatpants and walk around publicly with it and pee a little too at least 4 times a week or whenever !

  2. wow, same kinda kink here to. I love to shit in my grey trackies out in the park and often pee myself ,so much sexy fun can be had messing in shorts and sports kit, the best

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