My cousin was a year younger than me but we had lots of fun together as kids. He was around 12 when I found out his secret. One day at his house there was family company like my parents and his and other relatives. he had been acting rather weird mid day..right after lunch and then got rather quiet as we sat around. Then he just got up and headed to the bathroom. Something told me to follow him. He went into the bathroom and locked the door. I then looked through the keyhole and saw him take off his top pants but not his underpants. What was he going to do I thought. Then he squatted down next to the toilet and I heard him make grunt sounds. Then his pants started to sag (tent) downward. OMG! he was shitting in his pants. I was getting hard watching him do this. It was pretty quiet in that part of the house so I actually could hear the crackling and popping sounds associated with the shit coming out. The turd was long because it buckled up as he pushed more of it out. It definitely was a LOAD. I was so happy to see he liked to shit himself. All those underpants in the other bathroom in a bucket of water soaking the stains out were probably mostly his not his little brothers. I heard him getting ready to come out of the bathroom and I walked away so he wouldn’t know I watched him. I wanted to have to shit too. I was shitting in my pants at home too. Now I could have a closer friend who would understand the fun of it. Before he left the bathroom He sat down in it and smashed and squished it . That seated in the stains big time. Then not putting his top pants back on he came out of the bathroom in just his messy underpants. EEEW they were hanging down and showed heavy brown staining. He was walking to the front of the house and I was hiding in a room behind him but starting to follow him back too. His little brother saw what he did and blurted out loud that he had shit his pants. He was getting yelled at by his mom and dad. Then she walked him back to the rear bedroom and changed his pants. Wow! he was 11 years old and getting his pants changed.

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  1. I used to do it in my underwear at school and according to a girl that was always hanging around she knew when I was doing it. She told me she knew by the way I was acting and she always liked knowing. She also told me she used to imagine what it looked like and wanted to watch but was to scared to ask. Instead of asking me she used to pretend she need to use my bathroom whenever she was at my house so she could check my underwear out.

    I didn’t know any of this until a school reunion party where she got very drunk and told me in great detail what she used to do and what she knew about me.

  2. It feels great to find a friend who loves to poop their pants too.I love to teach my friends to enjoy doing this if they are brave enough to want to try it.

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