When I left for the 4-day work training in Honolulu, I knew it would be awhile until my next dump. It never fails. A hotel conference room is like super glue for my bowels. On day 2 the urge to poop hit me right before the 9:30 break. I felt the familiar heaviness in my rectum and a slight cramping sensation below my stomach. I was hopeful at that point. I just finished a second cup of diluted coffee, a dry bran muffin, and started sipping on a tiny bottle of water. I was watching the time. My rectal area increasingly felt fuller. I could have announced to anyone I needed to poop at that point. When the break finally came, on my way to the last stall, the urge to go quickly faded. Nevertheless, I dropped trou, pointed my penis down, and voluntarily pushed. The vocal sound I made was involuntary, “UnGhh”. “Mmfft t tt t“ went my asshole.
Nothing. My ass felt full, and I needed to piss really bad at that point. After another squeaky fart, a stream of piss began to flow from my penis slit. It was a long piss. No urge to push at that point. I left the stall feeling defeated. This scene played out for day 3 and 4. In between those days, episodes of cramping became more frequent and intense.

Fortunately the training ended at noon. I had the rest of the weekend to enjoy Hawaii. I was hopeful that by dinner I would be able to lay some serious cable, and feel relief I desperately needed. I decided to spend the afternoon swimming in the ocean. I hoped some physical activity might stimulate my bowels enough to get things moving along. I changed out of my work clothes and into shorts. On my way to the beach, I grabbed a burger and a beer for lunch. No urge to shit at that point, though I felt incredibly full. When I finally arrived at the beach the urge suddenly hit me hard. I quickly headed to the public restroom with the exterior showers.

The men’s restroom had a long metal trough urinal, a metal divider, and 3 metal toilets. There were no stalls. I had no choice. I needed to expel the knobby waste rope that had been increasing in mass over the past 4 days. I headed toward toilet number 3. Almost as soon as I walked in, a shaggy blonde dude in his mid or late 20s entered and headed to toilet number 1. As he approached toilet number 1 he said, “fuck” out loud, then he untied and dropped his shorts. I had just dropped my shorts when I took a few in and out breaths, and adjusted my ass to ensure my hole was aimed correctly.

Ungghh..I pushed.

“Pfftt ttt” went my butthole. I could feel the turd was ready to move at that point. Blonde dude grunted and released his pre-turd fart. It was more impressive sounding. I looked over at him without being too obvious. He was grimacing. He let out another fart. Meanwhile, I felt an intense involuntary urge to bear. Down. Hard.

“UNGGHHHHh.” I could feel my asshole opening as the massive log started to move. With the opening of my hole, I heard some creaking and crackling. I continued to push. “Unnghh” ..

“UGNNNH” said Blonde Dude. As he grunted, he started rocking back and forth. I knew he was having a hard time. That was me for the past 4 days.
“Unnghhhh” I grunted back.
Squeeeejk…went my butthole.
At last I was crowning. I was now intensely focused on expelling the cable. I reflexively grabbed and spread open my ass cheeks in an effort to make my asshole wider. The turd felt like it was going to split me in half if I didn’t do this. Without knowing why, I leaned forward and squatted slightly. This exposed my big crowning asshole to Blonde Dude. He looked over, laughed and said, “damn dude you got a big hole..”

I pushed harder than I ever have.
“UNNggHHH” “Come on” UNGGH Unnggg”

The dark brown tip continued to slowly exit my butthole.
As I continued to push, an Asian dude in his 30s headed to toilet 2. He pretended not to notice me, the sounds I was making, and my growing brown tail. Then to my surprise, he took off his shorts and squatted on top of the toilet. Very soon after this he too had a thick brown tail which I managed to see very well.

It took forever for the first unbroken coil to pass. My butthole clenched and reopened for the other logs. I finally felt empty. I wiped and headed to the ocean, feeling more buoyant.

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  1. It would have been great if blonde dude showed his crowning hole! I wish I would have walked in and got on toilet number 2 and joined in with my loud intense grunts! I would have showed my hole and watched y’alls!

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