Having fun and getting out of hand

After work my bf asked me if I wanted to go out for beer and wings (something we do on occation) at a local bar in our small town. I was excited to be social so I got all dressed up in my favorite clothes-tight jeans, tee-short and black boots. I had a few before we left the house, went to the market and then we got to the bar. It’s a “trailerpark” kind of place with “trailerpark” kind of people (my favorite kind of place to be bad). By then I had to pee but wanted to hold on to it untill I got that deserate feeling, had a few more Buds while we played some pool with these younger dudes wearing baggie jeans and such. I love letting a little bit of pee out just to feel naughty and to wet my teen sized briefs a bit…..I let two squirts out just to be adventurous and that, my friends was one to many. If you’ve watched any of my videos you’ll notice that I like to tuck my dick so the pee spot was dead on with my butthole, it felt like a big wet spot but it was bigger than I thought in the mensroom mirror when I pretended to go take a piss ! I was so excited and nervous about it, I knew it was visalbe but I continued to play pool anyway and at times leaned over the table to reach a hard shot. It was great, I know the dudes noticed because I heard a few secret laughs from time to time when my back was turned. I was happy I could make an impression on the boys! My bf didn’t say anything till we were in the car, he enjoyed watching the train wreck happen just as much as I enjoyed being the engine. We got home and I flooded those tight ass jeans in the driveway (a little in the car seat too), needless to say I had to dry out my boots. I was soaked all the way down the back of my pants, it was so awesome to wet out in public again. Hope you enjoyed the story.

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  1. awesome story! would have loved to have seen that and I bet those guys were all hard under those baggies watching you

  2. Hot story. I admire your nerve I only ever wet walking home when it’s late and the street is quiet and dark or by day at theme parks with wet rides where everyone’s pants are wet anyway.

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