Have you ever had someone else wear your underwear after you pooped them, either at their request or without?

The first time I realized was during high school when I noticed one of my friends was wearing underwear suspiciously like the ones I had just changed out of when I got home from school. After he left, I checked my washing basket and my suspicions were confirmed. Suddenly everything that had been going on made sense. The underwear I put in my washing basket seemed to disappear, then reappear a day or two later. After that I took notice of what he was doing and discovered he was doing it every time he came over. That made me very curious, but it took me quite a while to find the courage to asked him about it.

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  1. One weekend we planned on going to the speedway in the afternoon and instead of going home he suggest he could wear some of my clothes. It was an opportunity to talk about it, so I said something like “yeah that’s cool and besides you already wear my undies from my washing basket anyway”. The look on his face was of complete shock and horror. He just looked at me without saying a word, so I said, “its ok I don’t mind but seeing you know about my secret you better not tell anyone”. He promised he wouldn’t and was very quiet until we were at the speedway. It must have taken him all that time to grapple with being discovered and working out what to say.

    As we sat watching the racing, he said “now that you know do you want me to stop or is it ok”. For some reason I liked the idea he was wearing my underwear, so I told him it was ok and I kind of liked the idea. He then asked me if I was doing it in my underwear on purpose or by accident. When I told him, it was on purpose he told me how envious he was that I could do it at school without anyone knowing. He had never worn my underwear to school but by the end of the night we had already made our first plan.

  2. During our lunch break on the Monday after the speedway we both went to the toilet block at the back of the oval. It was hardly every used and like usual no one was there. At first neither of us were sure quite what to do until he broke the tension by saying “have you already done in your underwear”. I had and when I pulled my pants and underwear down, he commented on how good my underwear looked. It was the first time anyone had said that about my pooped in underwear, so his comments made me feel good. I loved the anticipation of seeing my nice clean underwear I had put on before school all soiled and it was obvious, he did as well. It was a really firm load and he also commented on how lucky I was to be able to do loads like that. When he pulled his pants and underwear down it was clear he was very aroused and so was I. Before we swapped our underwear he nervously asked if we could touch our d***s together, which I agreed to. That wasn’t something I had ever thought about, but I was as keen as him to experiment. I don’t think either of us wanted to stop but we both knew someone could have walked in at any time, so we swapped underwear and left.

    I was used to walking around school with a load in my underwear and the erection it always gave me, but he definitely wasn’t. he was so nervous it was extremely obvious, so I told him to act normal, which he eventually started doing. While we got around school, I did more in his underwear but that wasn’t much because most of it was already in the underwear he was wearing. I had never worn another guys underwear before but the idea he had been just a little while before really exciting me. I couldn’t stop myself checking them and I could clearly see where his d*** had been, so I tried to put mine in the same place. I got so fixated on what I was doing I stopped thinking about what was going on around me, until I realized the girl sitting beside me was looking. I hadn’t even noticed her sit beside me as we sat in class. I had such a big erection it felt like it was going to explode and the look on her face said it all. Not long after our class started, she moved a note under my hand, which said “can I see again”. She either had no idea what else was in my underwear or just didn’t care. After the first time she asked me at least 3 more times, which was an extremely risky and nerve-racking thing to do. That only seemed to make it even more exciting and the idea she might have known I had pooed in the underwear made it even better.

    During our planning at the speedway we had already decided to go back to my house after school. Both my parents worked, leaving us about 2.5 hours alone, although neither of us were quite sure what to do next. That was until I suggested we could go riding our bikes in the state forest behind my house. I loved the feeling of riding my bike with a load in my underwear and was something I had done multiple times before. He thought it was a great idea and admitted to enjoying the same thing. When we were safely away from anyone seeing he dared us to just ride in our underwear, which I had also done lots of times before. It had always felt great before but doing it with him made it even better. Neither of us wanted to go home but we eventually went for a swim in the river and left. All I could think about that night was what had happened and how much I wanted to do it again, and fortunately so was he.

  3. No, he seemed to like wearing mine a lot more than doing it in his underwear. That was good because after the first time we swapped I started wearing his allot. Most of the time they were not actually pooped in but they never clean. Not long after we started experimenting, he told me he liked the way my loads felt much more than his. Unlike me he was quite anxious doing it at school so most of the time we swapped was after school. I wanted him to do it at school a lot more, but I realized he was only doing it because he liked me so much. For me having a load in my underwear at school was really exciting and although it felt great doing it without anyone knowing, part of me also liked the though I could get discovered. Sometimes that desire got so strong I just had to fulfill it intentionally got found out. He never did that himself, but he was always envious when I did. The moment we got out of the school gates he always talked about what had happened and how hard it had made him.

    One of those was at an afternoon assembly where me and another 3 students got awards. Once we got handed them, we had to sit in a row of chairs facing the rest of the students who were all sitting on the grass. As the Principle gave his long boring speech, I had the sudden desire to sit so my underwear were showing. That wasn’t hard because I always wore soccer shorts, but it still took a while for my desire to overcome the “don’t do that” thoughts. When I did, I couldn’t believe how good it felt knowing everyone could probably see what I had done it my underwear. No one said anything during assembly but the moment it was over it was very clear quite a few had seen. The moment we were safely away from school my friend began taking about it and wanted to wear my underwear.

    Someone who had seen was the girl that had sat beside me in class. The next day at school she sat beside me again and said, “I know you do poops in your underwear on purpose, don’t try to make excuses”. For a while I wasn’t sure what the meaning of her comment meant until she slowly put her hand in my pants. It was like she was using what she knew and said as a reason to do what she wanted and make me do the things she wanted me to do. Just before that class finished, she did her note thing under my hand, which said “tell ***** you’re not going with him after school. Your coming with me. You don’t want everyone to find out you do it in your underwear on purpose do you”

  4. Hi Fritz, sorry about taking a while to answer.

    I wasn’t sure what her intentions where, so all sorts of thoughts were going throw my mind. She had a reputation as a bully and often picked fights with students after school. That had only been with female students, but I wondered if she had chosen me as the first boy she was going to fight. Her action in class said the opposite, but ether way I wanted to find out. When the final bell rang, and I began to walk towards the school gates she appeared beside me and said, “follow me and don’t let anyone see”. With that said she turned and began to walk to the very place she had been in fights before. I had seen her in action before and knew she would win a fight, so I stopped in my tracks being sure that’s what she was going to do if I followed her any further. When she saw me stop, she immediately came back, then said, “what’s wrong with you, come on follow me”. I tried to think of a smart answer but couldn’t and instead said, “that’s where all the fights happen”. She then rolled her eyes and said, “I don’t want to fight you silly, I like you”.

    As we walked along a track, I had no idea existed until that day I began to wonder what was going to happened next, or even what to do. Suddenly we came to an old building in the middle of a clearing, with huge steel doors and the biggest padlock I had ever see. To my surprise she knew exactly where to find the key and opened the door. As she did, she looked and me and said, I found this, and it can be our secret place to come. Once we were inside, she shut the door and immediately began to unbutton my shirt. It was extremely obvious she was excited, but I wasn’t sure what to do, until she said, “take my clothes off”. That should have been a simple thing to do but it wasn’t, and she quickly became frustrated with my lack of ability to even undo a button. Once we were both naked, she told me about a book she had found about sex and wanted to do it with me. Unlike me she knew exactly what to do and was very keen to instruct me every step of the way.

    As we did, she also asked me why I liked pooing in my underwear and although she didn’t do it herself, she was quite fascinated. She told me liked to wonder if my underwear were clean or dirty and watched me during the day to see if she could work out when I was doing it. That was usually between classes, or the lunch breaks but she already knew that. The shape of the hard-plastic school chairs was great for stopping my always huge hard loads from pushing into my underwear and I often sent entire lessons forcing them in and out. It was a sensation I loved but having the load in my underwear was just as good. It was like every nerve in that part of my body came alive as the load moved around my underwear activating them.

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