Have you ever found out something you thought you had kept secret wasn’t at all?

It’s happened to me twice.

The first time was at a party when an ex-class mate told me she knew I pooed my pants at school but was to scared to tell me at the time. She was very drunk and made it extremely obvious she liked what I did and wanted to know if I still did. This was in front of everyone at the party so I of course I said no, yet she insisted on checking the underwear I was wearing to see if I was telling the truth. She went into great detail about how she knew, what she used to do to check and just how sneaky she had been.

The second was a friend’s daughter who asked if she could keep the underwear she had taken from my washing basket. Despite being told to be quite by her parents she explained how she wanted me to stop doing poos in my pants because she liked how my underwear smelt when I had been wearing them for a while, like the ones I had been wearing that day. According to her they were exactly what she wanted but not if I had pooed in them.

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  1. poopydiapers.

    The ex-class mate told me the reason no one at school said anything was because the school bully liked me and threatened to beat anyone up that said anything. She said they main reason they knew was because of the shorts I wore with very narrow crotches. She even remembered the details of some of the underwear I wore and the ones she stole from my house.

    Since my friends daughter asked me that day she seems to realize she has to keep certain things to herself but not to me. She constantly tells me how disappointed she is if my underwear have been pooed in but how happy she is when they have been worn for a while.

    Another person that knows is a friends wife. I stayed with them when I first moved to another state and to my horror I realized she knew a few days after moving. When I got home that day I was shocked to discover she had done my washing, including my underwear. To make it even worse she didn’t talk to me and kept looking at me. That night when we had dinner she sat across from me and every time I looked at her she was staring at me. After getting that treatment for a while I decided the only option was to find somewhere else to live but when I told my friend she soon let me know she liked what I did and didn’t want me to move out.

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