Hauling Hay

I was helping a friend of mine haul hay this weekend. Jeff was loading the trailers in the fields, I was towing an 8 round bale trailer and Patty (Jeff’s wife) was towing a 6 bale trailer. We were on the third trip back to the farm, traveling together in case either of us had problems. I had just dumped my trailer and moved and Patty dumped hers and pulled up beside me and got out and came around by my truck door grinned turned around and pulled down her tight jeans and half squatted and pissed a massive stream. I was shocked and could not look away. I was mesmerized by the stream the sound and her slightly dirty butthole. She shook here butt and pulled her pants up. I asked her why she had came over by me to do that? She told me that the other day when she had barrowed my phone, she saw a picture I had saved of a girl pissing and assumed I liked it and said doing it made her feel naughty and horny. I was just glad I was in my truck, because I was fully erect. She was right I do like it. She asked if I liked it and I couldn’t lie, I said yes. She told me I might get the chance again to watch her. She got in her truck and we continued hauling, I couldn’t get the sight out of my mind and remained horny. After four more loads she got out again and repeated the process and this time her butthole was dirtier. I was truly hoping she would poop too since she had obviously been farting. When Patty got though pissing, she told me she had pissed in front of Jeff for years on the farm. She said she asked him after seeing the picture I had saved if he liked it and he told her he thought it was kinda gross. She told me she was happy I liked it. I asked her not to say anything because I didn’t want to make Jeff mad. I told her I didn’t think know if it was appropriate. She replied we are adults and we all gotta pee. We went back to hauling hay.

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