Hardware store incident

It was a Thursday late summer, I was going to the local hardware store to get some wood for a project I was starting. As I got into the store and was shopping I noticed a well built man maybe in his 30’s acting kind of suspicious. He was dressed in a pair of well worn and slightly loose jeans. I noticed he seemed nervous and acted like he was desperate or something. There were toilets everywhere in the store, so I knew or at least thought it wasn’t that.
He continued to shop and seemed to be appearing in every aisle I was in. I got a little nervous and for some reason looked down at his crotch and saw that he was erect. I turned away and then as I looked back I noticed that he was looking at me. I was nervous not gay or even bi but feeling a little weird. I went to another aisle and Mr. jeans as I called him, appeared again this time he seemed real nervous and his face was red. I walked down a ways and he seemed to follow. I picked up some things and went to a different area in the store trying to get away from him but still wanting to know more.
He seemed to be gone so I got my things and walked to the register. I checked out and headed to the door. As I was looking for my car there was Mr. jeans and his face was really red as if he was straining. I walked closer he was a few cars from mine so I had no choice. he just stood there his knees were very slightly bent. I was a few feet from him and turned to get in my car and then for some reason I looked back. he had turned and the back of his jeans were swollen quite a bit and a dark brown stain was down the right leg of his jeans. I was shocked, this guy fucking crapped his pants! I got in my car and as I backed out I saw him in the mirror. He appeared to be feeling the pile in the seat of his jeans. I stopped and was starring, I don’t even know why! I pulled into a spot near him and stopped. I couldn’t stop looking at those jeans. His hand brushed the lump in his jeans and the stain seemed to spread.
I sat there and realized the sight of his loaded jeans caused me to get hard. Now I was feeling real weird. I looked again and the lump in his jeans was now flat and the back of his jeans were browned. He turned and the log in the front of his pants was straining. I looked down and mine was throbbing. For some reason I opened the window and said “hey are you alright” He looked over and said “yea I’m fine, just didn’t get to the bathroom in there” his face was red and I said ok and as I started to roll up my window he said something but I didn’t hear him so I rolled it back down he walked toward my car his walk was stiff and slow.
I opened the window completely and he stood there. he said he couldn’t believe what had happened to him and I said it could happen to anyone. he said he just got cramps and all at once it just came out. I knew he was lying but I went along. He continued to talk about it and I was getting harder and harder hearing him go on about filling his jeans. As he continued his voice seemed to shake and I glanced down and realized that Mr. pooper jeans was creaming his loaded pants while he talked to me. I got harder realizing his passion for his accident.
He finally stopped talking and his jeans were cummed in for sure a wet spot formed. He looked down at me and said he was sorry and he hopped I didn’t offend him. I was nervous and studdered through “um no problem” I heard a hissing and realized he was pissing himself. I came in my pants right there. For some reason though my excitedness was still there. He looked at his car and asked me to follow him. I agreed and we drove off toward a local park. We got out and talked about the feelings we had as we did I saw his pants glisten again and get very shiny realizing he was pissing more. I was turned on again cock growing as we talked. he asked me to turn around so he could look at the back of my jeans. I did and I heard him sheepishly ask “um my I touch the back of your jeans?” I felt weird but said yes. I felt his hand outline the seam of my jeans and then felt a poke. I looked and his nose was against the seat of my jeans and he moaned and squirted again in his pants.
I was embarrassed at the whole thing but couldn’t walk away. eventually his hand came between my legs and I pumped another load of cum into my previously shot in jeans. I asked if he came to the park often and through a very weak and spent voice he said yes. I looked at him realizing he had creamed pissed and pooped his pants and was tired from the double orgasm. I eventually drove off in my double cummed jeans and went home and tried to reason the whole thing out but eventually fell asleep remembering my trip to the store and the meeting of a pants messer.

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  1. Great story. Amazing if you really are straight and he turned you on that much. I got so excited thinking about the narrative, I came. More!!!!!

  2. Cool story, Mr jeans really wanted you to see him as he pooped and peed his pants. You forgot to mention how hot you were at the time of the story, that would make it more erotic. But cool story.

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