Hard to Practice at Home

Moments ago, I’ve been reminded why I stopped doing videos for as long as I did.  I know that mostly it’s all due to carelessness on my part but still a reminder nonetheless that I simply can’t do everything I want when living with other people.  Especially if those other people are my parents.  Yes I’m 25 and still living at home.  Not by choice really.  I need to pay off a few student loans before I can afford to leave the nest. 

Anyway though.. I was in the middle of filming myself masturbating in the bathroom while wearing some white boyshorts and mashing shit in them when my dad came home from work.  One of the first things he always does when he comes home is come upstairs to take a shit.  So I knew I needed to work fast.  I finished up my business and then came the dreadful process of cleaning up the mess.  The panties were a complete loss.  I dumped what I could in the toilet and threw the panties away.  There was so much shit smeared on my ass though.  I did the best I could cleaning off in the shower, but there was still so much that some of it wouldn’t completely go down the drain.  I ran hot water through it for like 15 seconds and nothing was happening.  I had to literally grab some of the shit with my hands and throw it in the toilet.  Then I had to clean some of the shit that ended up smearing on the floor.  I still have yet to completely finish cleaning up the shower chair I used to sit on and smash my load in.  I did the best I could and just threw a towel over it praying to god that nobody moves it until I have time to properly clean it later.  After all that, I had to hurry and grab all my belongings and evidence that something happened in there and scurry off to my bedroom.  So I finally got out of there and of course I forgot my lube in the bathroom that’s sitting completely out in the open. 

So yeah.  This whole situation was a complete disaster.  I don’t think I’m going to be doing any more “shit sitting”/smearing until I get my own place.  There’s too much risky business involved with the whole ordeal when you live with people and you need to keep it all a secret.  

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  1. A lot of this stuff requires more privacy to really enjoy. I’ve sworn off doing DL things until I have my own place because it’s playing with fire when you live with others. Good luck!

  2. I’m so sorry that you had such a terrible experience. I’m not sure you’ve had the proper experience in the art of cleaning up, and it is an art especially when sharing a bathroom. We had two bathrooms when I was growing up, I started pooping my pants at 11 years old so I am a champ at it but it definitely helps to have the option of two bathrooms when doing this sort of thing. Since I moved out of my parents house when I was 18 I’ve had complete privacy and when I’ve had boyfriends of course they knew. But to advise I can only tell you about my own experiences.

    If you can take the little strainer off the tub drain even if you have to replace it when your done each time it can ALL go down the drain so you don’t have to make the bridge between the toilet and the tub. Take a screw driver with you for the drain in a canvas bag, also include a Tupperware container that holds 10-16 oz. so you can fill it with water and wash the solids down the drain with ease. Your canvas bag should be big enough to hold several small towels and should be water proof so you can carry all of your gear in one trip and can be stealthily transported to your room including your lube and camera. Tell your Dad you’ve got the bag to carry stuff because it’s too much to leave behind in the bathroom just like in the college dorm situation, be polite in your communications but be firm so you don’t have that guilty look on your face! lol.

    Please don’t stop making videos, you have to think about your process of clean up and be good at it in your particular situation. You don’t have to throw away your underwear and/or towels if you have reasonable access to the laundry, poop washes out just fine in the washing machine if you don’t use scorching hot water on the whites. If you do it washes out just the same just not crispy white.

    I’m available for future consults if you need further information!! lol! Best of luck.

  3. A lot of people use lube though… Look at all the jokes about old people and "Kentucky Jelly".

    I love ipmypantz logic there, he’s got it figured out. He must be like the poop ninja. My only suggestion would be a Rimowa briefcase with polyfoam cutouts for each tool.

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