hard dick while wetting briefs

Just wondering: in most of the pictures someone is wetting a brief his dick seem not to be hard. When I have such fun my dick gets exited…
What about you?

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  1. I am usually not real hard when wetting my speedos or skinny jeans. I think this is because I often have to pee so bad that I can’t get hard. I know I’m excited though, because I get a bunch of precum during this play!!

  2. I get semi hard when I piss my pants due to the great warm feeling of my piss, but then after I’ve emptied out, my cock gets rock throbbing hard just feeling the warmth of the piss in my pants. I really try to hold off from releasing my hard cock from my pants to jack off & shoot my great white cream of cum all over, but, it’s just the warm feeling that makes me wait as long as I can.
    But, I even get semi hard when I’m standing at a urinal or toilet when I’m pissing. I mean, it just feels good to me to release my piss & it ends up being a turn on for me.

    Growing up thru age 17, my dad would pull my pants down to spank my naked bare ass for pissing my pants, & as soon as he would pull my wet underwear off of me to put me over his lap my dick was always raging hard. He would just shake his head at me & tell me that I shouldn’t enjoy peeing my pants. But I loved the feeling of the piss in my pants. During the spanking my dick still stayed hard as I was thinking of the feeling of the warm piss against my dick & balls tucked in my pants. When the spanking was done, I got up off his lap still with a raging hard throbbing cock & told to go shower & take care of my hard dick. Oh boy, did I ever!
    Did any other of you guys get spanked when you pissed your pants while growing up? If so, you should share your story with the group.

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