Happy in a Nappy (true)

After a pleasant lunch with friends I arrived home with a full feeling in my bowels so I removed my shoes and lower garments (shorts and panties) and put on a pair of incontinence pants (nappy knickers I call them). I then started a repeated gentle push and squeeze action and I felt my anus open as my poo started to slide out. It was firm so required quite a lot of pushing before I felt the final soft part of my load slip out. It felt so good feeling the shit between my buttocks bulging my nappy knickers at the rear. I then decided to empty my bladder which, although not in urgent need of relief, wasn’t empty, but not before I’d reached in and adjusted my penis so that it was pointing down into the padding of my nappy knickers. I then sat down in my mess and browsed the internet, peeing from time to time when I felt the need. I LOVE wearing incontinence wear, whether pull-ups, like now, or a full nappy. The freedom to empty bowels and bladder without using the toilet or having to remove any garments is such a pleasure but even more so is the act of wetting or filling the nappy/nappy knickers. I don’t know why I like the feeling of a wet and well filled nappy so much, but I do. All I need now is a randy male friend to change me and, between removing my used nappy and fitting a new one, slide his rigid manhood deep inside me and give me a good fucking until he comes deep inside me.

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  1. I’d love to accompany you any time, I’d be in you as deep and thrust as hard as I can to get off. I’ll bet it would be sooooo good! I’ll poop my pants along with you and piss my pants too. I use swim trunks and they work really good and when I poop in them or pee in them they feel real good and soft around my dick. It feels so good, I Several times I almost shot my load without even touching my dick. (almost automatic!)

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