Hans comes home with dry tight jeans, but filled with shit, then wets himself

One of my favorite Steven Holden stories tapes Hans as he comes from his wandering around the neighborhood.  He is wearing his usual worn dark blue t-shirt, somewhat long (it covers the belt loops, and a bit more), and rumpled somewhat faded blue jeans, but slim.  He is standing in the bathroom door, looking out but also looking down at the floor, like he is ashamed.    “I don’t see any wet,” Steven cheerfully volunteers, as the boy replies, “Naw.”

Then Steven realizes that Hans did  in fact go to the bathroom in his pants after all, but it wasn’t pee!  “Did you shit yourself?”  “Yeah,” is the reply.  “Wow,” replies Steven, trying to be as sympathetic as possible.  Hans turns around.   His jeans, which seem to be partly wet, especially in the crotch, most of the time, look dry.  If he did shit himself, it wasn’t much, or it wasn’t a hard log, since his butt didn’t bulge out at all.

And then, while he turns around, he starts pissing in his jeans.  Why not?  He already had dumped a load in his pants, and was feeling more and more pressure to pee, once he emptied his bowels.  He is in the bathroom, and has to clean up soon.  You see the front of the jeans, from near the belt loops, get suddenly darker, and you know his cock was pointed up, since it soaks the whole front before the urine starts running down his legs, and soaking the crotch area to reach the back.  He stands there, a vacant look in his eyes, his legs slightly spread, his hands hanging down but out a bit from his body–a classic stance for a guy who is pissing himself. 

After just a couple of minutes, it’s all done.  Hans has a look of relief on his face, almost a smile.  Then he unbuttons his 501s, and pulls them down, revealing dark blue skimpy underpants, not quite a thong.  The briefs manage to hold the mass that’s just come out of Hans.  All the shit was, for now, in one place.  You can see it when he then gingerly pulls down the back of the briefs, revealing quite a pile of shit, all smooshed together, clinging to his butt cheeks.  Now some of the mass is sliding down into the lowered bikini underpants.  The next scene shows him in the shower, the filthy clothes piled on the floor.  I guess he has a clean pair of jeans somewhere that he can go to work in!  I’m not into shitting in jeans much, but this story wins me over with its story line and the looks Hans has.

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