Hankuk Travel Diary [2005] (scatological sections)

These accounts were written in 2005 about my first visit to Korea. They were published in a book and also appear on my website (with pictures) at http://www.d-wizz.com/scat/logbook/htdscat.htm

Episode #1 (2005-07-31): The squat-stopper

Well I can’t believe it’s taken four days in Korea before I had to do my first shit, but what a whopper! The food here in Korea is very good and tasty, and if my shit is anything to measure it by, it must be very healthy, because there’s not much left over once my body has used it. So, my last shit in Australia was a distant six days ago – in fact, I can’t remember where I did it.

Anyway, the story begins I guess about 48 hours ago. I could feel my shit building up, but there was no signal that I needed to go. This status quo remained all through yesterday, and only this morning did I get a weak feeling that maybe today would be the day. And boy, did it feel good! I knew it was a solid one, and the time delay factor added to my anticipation.

Toilets here in Korea are smaller than in Australia. This had me worried from the start about the very real prospect that if I did a shit, it would probably not fit down there. So, when I decided to unload my big shit, I had to choose carefully. I chose to use the toilet at Dongam station, and because it was rather late, it was not as busy as during the day, but there was still a substantial traffic flow in and out of the main toilet door. I went inside and to my delight I saw SQUAT toilets! And they were pretty clean too. I secured the cubicle and got undressed, then I took out my mirror and light and I squatted.

My shit was very solid. It took a while to start moving, and even when it did poke its head out of my anus, it was moving very slowly. I watched the slow-motion action in the mirror as my shit got longer. It was normal width (about 45mm diameter), but because the floor of the squat toilet was lower than a sitting toilet in Australia, my shit found support when it touched the floor, so it did not break off, as it often does at home. So it kept coming out, a little faster now, and eventually the end of my shit came out and the whole complete piece of shit was lying there on the floor of the toilet pan. It was probably about 25-30cm long, and very solid. I pissed on it afterwards, and my piss did not take much off the log.

Hmmm…. disposal of this monster was going to be interesting. I knew 120% there was no way it would fit down the hole. But there was only one way to find out…. I flushed the toilet, and the water pushed the big piece of shit very slowly towards the edge of the hole. Just as the flush was about to finish, the shit fell over the edge, and it was in the hole. But there was no more flushing water to move it further.

So I got myself dressed while I waited for the water to fill up again. After about a minute, I flushed again. The shit did not move. It was stuck there in the hole – just as I had thought when I first saw a Korean toilet. There was nothing else I could do. I had to leave it there to dissolve after 6 hours or so. I am writing this about one hour after the event, so it’s probably still there now.

So the score is d-Wizz shits: 1, Korean squat toilets: NIL.

Wait for the next exciting scatological episode in about 5 days from now…

Episodes #2 (2005-08-01) & #3 (2005-08-02): the aftershocks

I had no indication that this shit was coming on until a sudden rush of scatological sensation hit me. It appeared to me that this was not going to be a normal shit, remembering the “squat-stopper” of the previous night. But “after-shocks” following big shits sometimes occur, so I wasn’t too concerned about the short time space. It had been six days before the first one after all, and I had been eating HEAPS. And, although it doesn’t happen often, sometimes I do have to shit on two consecutive days. My room had a Western-style sitting toilet, but I squatted over it instead as is my new custom (and it does feel a LOT better squatting, I must say). I had almost no time to get the mirror under there to watch as this rather substantial piece of shit ejected itself and dove into the water…. it went straight down the small hole and got stuck before the point of equilibrium, so it floated back to the top on my side. Actually, Korean sitting toilets are very different to the ones in Australia, and I don’t know if “the other side” exists. The flushing mechanism is very curious to me.

Anyway, the first piece of shit was followed by two more follow-up pieces; all of it was the consistency of soft-serve. One disappointing feature of Korean sitting toilets is that the water level is much higher than Australia, so shit does not splash at all – in fact, often the end of a shit reaches the waterline before it breaks off. That’s no fun at all for those (myself included) who enjoy hearing their shit splashing in the water. The high water level was to present other complications later on my scatological journey.

I flushed the toilet and it swallowed all the shit without a problem. “Swallowed” is an apt word to use here, because that’s exactly what seems to happen when a Korean sitting toilet is flushed – the contents of the bowl are sucked into oblivion by a high-speed jet of water at the bottom of the toilet. The shit was gone, and I expected to enjoy the next one in about 3 – 5 days…

The next morning, just after I had taken a shower, I had another urgent urge to shit again. This one got me a little concerned about the possible effects of Korean food on my system. It was a measly, stringy shit that I hardly felt as it came out. I wasn’t using the mirror this time, so I had to look in the bowl to actually see that something was there. I can best describe it as “two snakes” – longish and very thin. Not a healthy d-Wizz shit like I’ve come to know and appreciate.

Hmmm…. three shits in three days and the last two a bit different. Was my body simply adapting to the change in cuisine, or was I going to have to suffer through four more weeks of slimy, stringy shits? It was a question I was eager to have answered and only time would tell. I had been encouraged by the quality of the first “squat-stopper” I had done, and I was hoping for many more of the same.

Episode #4 (2005-08-05): A chilli crackler!

I ate lots of delicious Korean food all through the week. Lots of rice, seaweed and soups, more than a little bit of chilli and even the occasional bite of kimchee (I’m not a big fan of kimchee). I felt full and satisfied after each meal.

It was now three days after that second “snake” aftershock, and I could feel something building from all the delicious Korean food I had been eating, although it wasn’t really ready just yet. But I knew that there was a production of epic proportions brewing down there, and I decided that I would try to make a scatological video of it, if I could find a suitable venue at the time.

I got the first urge at 1840hrs, and as I whemyed it, I realised how healthy the Korean food really was. Very little processed food, most of it prepared fresh and not much wheat in the diet, so less fibre. Rice has more carbohydrate and less fibre than wheat, so that probably goes a long way to explaining the extra solidity and time between shits. So different to the largely junk food diet so prevalent in Australia with instant, over-processed snacks and not a green leaf in sight. This shit was 100% natural, and the feeling was great. I resolved that I would capture this historic scatological event on camera later that night. I began thinking of possible venues for this undertaking, and came to the conclusion that a squat toilet would be preferable.

Well, as the evening went on, I whemyed maybe three or four times, each time with immensely pleasurable sensations. In honesty, I probably could have held this shit over until the morning because it wasn’t really knocking on the door with any real urgency; but it had let me know it was there, and I decided it was better at night because it is quieter.

Eventually, I decided the time was right to hunt for a venue. I had decided to have a look for a public toilet near the subway, not wanting to go to the subway station itself because it was probably going to be very busy and very noisy. After finding two sitting toilets, I gave up and went into the subway. It was about 10 minutes before the last train was due, but it was still a hive of activity in there. In the men’s toilets, it was no different either. I found what I was looking for – squat toilets, but these were not very clean compared to the other squatters I had seen thus far in Korea. One of them had shit sprayed all over the sides. I didn’t want to make anybody suspicious as I went from one cubicle to the next, so I only looked at three, all of which were pretty filthy, so I left disappointed.

I went back to the guest house I was staying at and contemplated my options. The guest house was equipped with two Korean sitting toilets. I had my camera ready and I decided that the time was now – it was midnight, everything was quiet and there were no distractions. I would do my shit in there and record the whole thing in digital colour.

I quietly went in and took up the squatting position on the toilet. Then I picked up the light and camera, and attempted to get a good view. Big problem – the water level in the toilet was too high for me to get the camera far enough away from my anus. All I could see was black. To position the camera properly, I would have to submerge it about halfway in the water. I could not do that of course, so I thought about it for a moment. Even as I was in the squatting position, my shit wasn’t clamouring for a quick exit just yet.

I resolved to make the scatological movie with my next shit in a squat toilet, and to let this one go in the “normal” d-Wizz way. I put the camera down and took my mirror instead.

After a couple of minutes, the familiar exciting sensations associated with lower intestinal movement began to intensify and I concentrated my focus on the mirror.

A normal sized, thick piece of shit slowly emerged. Compensation for the lack of a splash was the crackling sound as it made its way from anus to toilet. This shit was not as firm as the monster I had done the previous Sunday, as it broke into three pieces, crackling as it passed between my anal walls. All too quickly it was over. Completely emptied of waste, my anus closed up and I got off the toilet to inspect the product.

I was very pleased to notice large red pieces in my shit – this could only be chilli. In total quantity, this shit was bigger by far than the first one which blocked the squatter at Dongam. I wondered if this toilet could swallow the load – four days’ worth of A-grade d-Wizz shit – in one gulp. Or would it choke and leave a legacy…

Inspiration hit me at that moment. I took my camera and aimed it at the shit-filled bowl, pressed record and then I flushed the toilet. The shit eddied round and round in the ever-diminishing whirlpool and then – gulp – it was swallowed whole and transported – God knows where or how – into the Korean sewerage system. Because the toilet had such a small outlet hole, the shit had left a few skidmarks, so I got some toilet paper and wiped them off.

I watched that 15-second flushing video about ten times before going to sleep.

My faith in Korean food has been restored. The next three weeks are going to be a very enjoyable scatological excursion indeed. And I am resolved to get one of these events on camera.

It’s my birthday in three days. It would be the perfect birthday gift if my body could deliver another good shit on that day that I could film for myself. Only time will tell if that happens. Stay tuned…..

Episode #5 (2005-08-08): A special birthday gift for me!

Well, my birthday was rather uneventful except for the imminent scatological impulses building in my body, until a friend rang and invited me to have dinner with him. We shared another Korean meal based on rice and beef with a strange looking, yet delicious soup. The evening was very enjoyable, and I headed home around 2230 with a full stomach and a full rectum. I knew this was going to be another good shit and I was in high spirits after a good night with good friends. I had intended to get this on video, but I was unable to locate a squat toilet, so I again resigned myself to the one at the guest house. Noticing that the water level was much lower than usual, I attempted to position the camera for filming, but again I was thwarted from doing so by the confines of the toilet bowl. I decided that filming a scatological event will only be possible in a squat toilet during daylight. The assistance of natural light will be necessary for the camera to film effectively as the flashlight on my mobile phone did not provide the broad illumination of the site needed for the task.

Oh well, I just squatted on the bowl as usual and waited with the torch and mirror. Pretty soon my shit began to come out and the first piece landed right in the hole. As I’ve previously mentioned, the hole in a Korean toilet is too small for most of my shit to fit through by itself, so it was stuck there for a few seconds before floating back to the surface. A few more small lumps of shit came out after that rather promptly, and it was again all over so quickly. The squatting posture really does speed up the process, and it is also cleaner. The mirror showed me that I got another clean break – no shit on my anus afterwards, so no need to use any toilet paper.

I used the camera to film the flushing. With much gurgling, the toilet again swallowed everything – it even “burped” at the end; must’ve been a tasty one! Maybe it’s only the squatting toilets that will have a problem with my shit. Let’s find out in the next episode!

Episode #6 (2005-08-12 & 2005-08-13): The video

2005-08-12 (Friday)
An historic scatological event, this one! With a lot of effort, and almost ruining my camera in the process, I eventually succeeded in making my first scatological video!

Activities pertaining to this event took place over a 15-hour period on two days. I had been in anticipation of it for a few days, and I was hoping that scatological engineering would allow me the pleasure of sharing this shit with my friend in Daegu. And my body co-operated perfectly, with the first subtle nudges of imminent scatological activity coming on the way back from the mountain. Indeed, the timing was perfect. Alas for me, my friend was too tired to enjoy it with me, which was a disappointment at the time, but as things turned out, it was actually a blessing in disguise. Had we buddy dumped on Friday night, this video would probably not have been made.

After my friend had left, I decided then that I would do absolutely everything possible to record this shit on video. The hotel room had a Western-style sit down toilet, but it had a bigger bowl than the ones I had previously seen in Korea, so I thought I would probably be able to get more light there than before. I tried many different camera angles, but I still could not get a good, clear view of my anus when I was in position. Some of the setups I tried were very unorthodox indeed!

I eventually decided that the toilet was not going to work for filming, so I thought about alternatives. There was a shallow plastic bucket in the bathroom, probably intended for washing feet. I wondered if I put that on the floor and squatted over it, would I get enough light. There would be no toilet bowl to block the light coming in from the side. I tried, but there was still too much shadow. Then I realised that I needed to have more space between my anus and the bucket, so I would have to put my feet on something while squatting.

I got the two wastepaper cans and turned them upside down on the floor. Putting a foot on each one, I squatted over the bucket, and tried to get a good view on the camera screen. The angle was great, but I still had the problem of not enough light. I tried to balance the camera on the edge of the bucket, and that’s when it fell in and got wet. I had about 2 cm of water in the bucket, so it wasn’t saturated, but it was enough to stop the camera from functioning. I thought I had destroyed my camera!

Fortunately, this was not the case, although the camera did not function properly for the rest of the night. I decided not to use water in the bucket; I’d just have to shit in it dry. I also resolved to wait until the morning and use the assistance of natural light to fully illuminate the scene. After making sure everything in the room was back in its original place, I retired to my bed, scatologically unsatisfied, but determined to win this battle.

2005-08-13 (Saturday)
I woke with the first rays of sunlight, and immediately my body had no respite from the unresolved scatological impulses from the night before. I knew that if I didn’t record this within three hours, it would be too late and I’d have to let it go. But there wasn’t enough natural light just yet to allow a clear recording, so I had to wait a little longer. I tested the camera, and to my immense relief, it appeared to be back in full working order again.

I opened the curtains to let the maximum light into the room, and began testing various camera angles and postures. My hotel room was on the corner of the building, so there were two windows, one of which faced the rising sun in the east. The sun was not yet over the tops of the surrounding buildings, but the light was getting better as the minutes ticked by. I realised that I needed to orientate my body to face the sun for maximum illumination. Constant testing drew me to the conclusion that the best location for filming was on the bed, facing the window – the bed was the only thing in the room high enough to take advantage of the light coming in the window. I put the two upturned wastepaper containers on the bed and contemplated the logistics of how to balance myself on them, while squatting over the plastic bucket. After a few attempts and fine adjustments to my position and the camera angle, at last I had a perfect, fully illuminated view of my anus on the camera screen. I sighed with relief – the battle was almost won and the show could finally begin!

I positioned myself, pressed record on the camera, and I waited with excitement for this historical event to unfold before my eyes and the camera lens. My body did not want to wait long; the shit had been ready for almost 16 hours and I had been whemying quite often, especially with all the testing the previous night. Fifteen seconds into the recording, the shit made an appearance into the world outside. Freedom was near and beckoning. With much delight, I watched and listened as my first videoed shit left my anus with much crackling. Shortly, some of it broke off and landed with a ‘thud’ in the dry plastic bucket between my feet. As more shit emerged, it broke off again, this time a softer sound as it landed on top of the first piece of shit. The final part of my shit had a long, stringy black component, which l think was seaweed, a staple part of the Korean diet. I had eaten a lot of seaweed already in my short time in Korea. The seaweed part of my shit fell off, leaving a small knob of shit hanging from my anus. Squeezing my sphincter tightly caused the knob to fall off also, leaving my anus totally shit-free. I stopped recording and got off the bed to clean everything up. First, I took the plastic bucket and tipped the shit into the toilet, then I pissed on it and used toilet paper to wipe the shit off the bucket. When I had gotten most of the shit off, I flushed the toilet and washed the bucket in the bath while I had a shower.

After coming out of the shower, I watched the video I had just made… only 47 seconds long, but 15 hours in the making. It was a high quality scatological movie, and I was very satisfied.

Episode #7 (2005-08-15): A scatological snub

We finished talking about the English language and I needed to piss. I told Spike that, and he said he also needed to use the toilet, so I suggested that we go together, but he told me he would be “a long time”. I realised then that he was referring to a scatological event, and it disappointed me greatly that he had not shared this information with me earlier, and also that he was not interested in buddy dumping with me. So I did not go to the toilet; instead, I went outside and sulked, feeling rather dejected and wallowing in my scatological disappointment. I was really quite hurt about it and the extremity of my reaction surprised me a little. I remembered the encounter with Patrick 6 days earlier, and although there was nothing scatological about that, I was feeling in a similar mood; empty, confused and depressed.

Spike returned from his shitting session after about ten minutes and found me in a totally different emotional state to when he left. He quickly realised that something had changed, but I was too disturbed and upset to bother replying to his probing questions.

Episode #8 (2005-08-16): Academic scatology

Yes indeed… I was feeling very good, because once again it was scat time; another opportunity to enjoy this natural pleasure. I had wondered if I would experience a scatological event in Gwangju, and now, here was the answer: YES!! The only thing I needed to do was decide the conditions under which I would enjoy it. I went in to the toilets on the 4th floor of Spike’s faculty building and noticed they were squatters, which pleased me immensely. The one at the end was very near a window, and when the cubicle door was opened fully, it was bathed in natural light. This raised my hopes of a possible second scatological video event being possible there, so I did a few tests to affirm or deny that notion. Unfortunately, as in the hotel on the weekend, there was just too much shadow to see anything clearly. I was annoyed at the amount of light that was needed to make a video.

I thought about where I might find a more illuminated place, but could not think of one, so I returned to the faculty room, and then inspiration hit me. The faculty room was absolutely drenched in natural light, being on top of a hill, with windows on two sides. It was the perfect place for making a video!

Armed with the experience of the first scatological video I had made, it only took me a few minutes to set everything up for a perfect angle. The light was indeed fantastic, possibly even better than in the Daegu hotel four days earlier.

[Some of the details pertaining to the method employed to capture this video have been omitted, as they need to remain confidential for security reasons.]

I inserted the special scatological memory card into my camera and pressed record, with a crystal clear image of my anus on the screen. As my anus opened up to let the shit out, l used the mirror to watch it this time, having made sure beforehand that it would not interfere with the video recording. This shit was of slightly less consistency than normal, and it broke off often. When I had finished shitting, again getting a clean break, I stopped recording and immediately began removing the evidence of my actions.

I went to the squatter, put the shit in the trough and pissed on it before flushing everything.

Episode #9 (2005-08-19): An endless rope of dung!

My scatological events calendar had been rather empty recently, as I had only shit twice in the last ten days, but now I could feel those good sensations building up again, as they heralded the arrival of the latest contestant for scatological fame. I didn’t whemy this one for long, as I had already gotten so much enjoyment out of the previous two away from Seoul that I just decided to get it done almost as soon as I received notice from my body that it was show time.

I was working on the computer, which was on the second level of the guest house; each floor had its own bathroom, with a toilet and shower. So I just got up from my seat, and took my camera and mirror with me into the bathroom, a distance of less than ten steps. I decided not to squat this time, but sit on the bowl with my knees apart, as I used to do before I realised how much more healthy and natural it was to squat while shitting. I also chose to record the event with the camera, but only the audio part, understanding that a video would never be possible because it was too dark, and also that the sounds of scatological events unfolding were just as fascinating as the visual aspects. I held the camera in one hand and the mirror in the other, as I relaxed and waited.

A large methane gas bubble came out first, followed by the shit, which very soon touched the surface of the water in the toilet only about 10cm below the level of my anus. As I watched in the mirror, the shit got longer and longer, but didn‘t break off into smaller pieces, so I did something I very rarely do while enjoying a shit: I pushed, to reduce the chances of it breaking off short. The shit was singing a crackling song of freedom as it came out of my anus and coiled into the water; a sound that was just total ear candy for me. I was watching as it grew to about 30cm in length – I had never seen a piece of shit that long before! Although this was nowhere near the biggest shit I had ever done in terms of volume, it was definitely something special. After the long shit finally broke away from my anus, a much smaller piece of shit fell off into the toilet, and that was all. I got off the toilet and stared at the long snake of shit I had just produced. Knowing it was definitely worthy of induction into the scatological hall of fame, I took a still photo of it with the camera, which fortunately turned out rather clearly, despite the low light in the bathroom. Then I pissed on the long shit and flushed the toilet. The shit broke into three pieces as it was sucked away.

Episode #10 (2005-08-19): Snubbed again at Suwon

While I recharged my phone using the card, Jack went to find a toilet, but came back very soon saying it was dirty, so he didn’t go. We went back to the subway station and Jack again excused himself as he went to the toilet there. He was gone for a while, and I eventually realised that it was scatological. As with Spike earlier that week (Monday 2005-08-15), I became very moody about being subjected to another scatological snub, and I considered leaving Jack and going back to the guest house right then, but I quickly realised that I couldn’t, because we had put my recording equipment in his car before we came to Suwon. So I stewed for a while. I realised that I had missed the earlier hint Jack had (probably unknowingly) given me by refusing to use the first toilet because it was dirty. This compounded my frustration, as I was now partly to blame myself for missing the chance to discuss things and possibly avoid this situation. Not that I was expecting much parallel thought from Jack, because I had already discerned from earlier meetings that he was quite strongly intolerant of scatology, and indeed, intolerant of a few other things which most of my other friends did not have any problems with. So I guess I was getting fussed over nothing really, but it still disturbed me that his intolerance was so severe that he wouldn’t even tell me that he would be a longer than usual in the toilet. When he came back, I tried to repair my psychological damage by asking him “Did you have a good shit?”, but he didn’t answer me, so that only made things worse.

Episode #12 (2005-08-25): The grand finale!

This event had the potential to be the highlight of the entire scatological mission. It had been a full six days since my last shit, so it was bound to be huge. My best friend in Korea was with me, who I knew was scatologically tolerant, so the prospect of a level 2 or even level 4 buddy dump was very good. I could hardly contain the excitement and nervousness as I prepared to make my invitation to him.

I chose to do this at the church, as it seemed an appropriate place to worship, and also was equipped with a squatter. When we arrived there, I waited in the car for a few moments to gather my thoughts, then I announced that the time had come for me to shit. It was going to be big, and it was going to be good. I reminded my friend about some of the things I had said two nights earlier, and invited him to share this special worship time with me. He said he still had not thought about it enough yet, and I said it was OK, because this is not something that should be rushed into. It’s important to know WHY you do the things you do, and I knew it would take a lot longer than two days for him to fully understand it.

I explained that he did not have to watch if he didn’t feel comfortable doing that, but he could simply come in and be with me while I prayed and did my shit. He agreed to that concession, so we went to the toilet together for a level 2 buddy dump.

My friend stayed outside the cubicle while I went in and prepared myself for the ultimate scatological event of the trip. A video recording of this was out of the question, as it was much too dark inside. I was using my mirror and torch. I was really ready for this shit, both mentally and physically. As soon as I squatted, I could feel the shit moving out, and as I positioned the mirror and torch so I could see, I noticed it was indeed huge. The anal sensation was pure ecstasy, as I began to pray to God in thanks for this super good shit and also that my friend had had enough courage to share this very special time with me.

The big shit grew as it moved very slowly out of my anus. Unlike the previous one (a distant six days ago at the guest house in Seoul), it did not crackle, probably owing to its girth and consistency. This shit was very high quality, thick and rich. It was very satisfying to offer it to God as I continued to thank Him for the blessings He had given me in Korea.

I soon encountered a small problem: my shit had reached the floor of the squat toilet, but there was still more trying to come out of my anus. It had not broken off into pieces because it was too solid and thick, and now it had almost stopped because of the resistance. I adjusted my squatting posture a little in order to raise my anus, so that the rest of the shit could come out. My anus had been open wide for about 30 seconds now – quite a long time in scatological terms. The shit leaned over on its side in the toilet pan and this provided a little room for more shit to exit from my anus unimpeded.

I was shitting for a long time, and when I was finished, there was a lot of shit in the squatter. I just had to capture this on camera somehow, as it was definitely another scatological wonder. The dim light did not make this easy, but I think the image I got is good enough.

I told my friend about the huge load, and what would probably happen when the toilet was flushed. Sure enough, the shit did not move. The water was not powerful enough to carry it away to oblivion. I flushed three times, but the shit only moved a little.

My friend went out and came back with a stick. He was quite taken aback by the volume of my fresh scatological produce, which proudly dominated the squat toilet. I used the stick to put the big lumps of shit into the toilet hole, and tried flushing, again unsuccessfully. Just like the first shit at Dongam four weeks earlier, I had again blocked a squat toilet! We both found it rather amusing, and I said we would have to leave the shit in there for a while to soften it a little, and we could try flushing the toilet again in about one hour.

So we went inside the church to play the drum kit together and have some more fun. My friend still could not believe how much shit had just come out of my relatively small body. I think the experience helped him to understand better why I enjoy scatology so much. I reminded him that the glory was not mine, but God’s. I said that I was glad he had been able to share it with me, and I hoped he had learned a little bit more about different ways to worship God.

As we left the toilet and went inside the church to play the drum kit together, I was on a spiritual high and thanked God for what we had just shared.

This was definitely a moment I would remember and treasure for a very long time: a level 2 buddy dump with my best friend!

When we were about to leave the church, I went to the toilet again and flushed it. The big shit disappeared. I relayed this news to my friend, and the relief on his face was all he needed to say.

Episode #13 (2005-08-29): Big Japanese shit bomb!

I was not able to sleep properly, because the scatological impulses were unexpectedly too strong to resist, so I eventually resigned myself to release and relief. It was 0203 hours, so everything was dark and quiet – the perfect environment for scatology anyway, so I wasn’t too bothered about it.

I got out of bed and stood up. After a few seconds, my eyes adjusted to the low light and I could make my way slowly and quietly into the small bathroom in my brother’s apartment. I took my mirror, torch and camera, intending only to make another audio recording this time, yet still wanting to fully enjoy the scatological show as normal.

My whole body was feeling the scatology of the moment. This was again going to be huge – like the previous one at Asan – and although I was tired because of the time, I was also very excited about it. I inserted the special scatological SD card into my camera (I kept scatological recordings separate from all the others to avoid unintentional display when showing friends my photos) and positioned it in a good location. When I was in position, squatting on the toilet bowl, I took my mirror and torch, pressed record on the camera, and began to pray as I relaxed my sphincter.

It was indeed a big shit, on the same scale as the Asan buddy dump, but this time there was a beautiful crackling soundtrack to accompany the fantastic view in the mirror. I watched and listened with delight as a massive piece of shit slid out of my anus a little faster than most, and promptly landed in the toilet with a big plop. More shit followed and also splashed in the water. My bowels were empty after about 30 seconds of shitting activity and my anus closed up with a clean break. There was a big mountain of shit in the toilet.

I needed to piss also, and I decided to record a video as I pissed on top of the big load of shit. That’s when I discovered that the camera had not recorded the scatological event at all. I was very disappointed, as it had been a good show. I couldn’t do anything about it though, so I just switched to video mode and held the camera in one hand, while I held my penis with the other. Then I let the piss go and enjoyed the sound as it landed on the shit. All of this took a mere 20 seconds or so, and then the fun was over. I reached over and flushed the toilet and the five days’ worth of excrement from my body disappeared without a trace.

I went back to bed in an attempt to get a few more hours’ sleep.

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