Had a real poop accident live on cam!!!!!

Yeah, as usual I was doing my shows in the vid chat and I knew I had to poop as well as pee.  I normally don’t have this issue because if i have to poop bad I force it out or if I have to pee bad I relax it out.  Well, people in the chat wanted a desperation show so I played along and wow!  I had a few small wetting accidents that made my shorts pretty wet in front, but when the flood gates finally opened up by themselves, I lost bowel control too and loaded my undies.  On one hand it felt cool and naughty, but on the other hand it kinda freaked me out how it came out on its own.  I think it’s safe to say everyone watching enjoyed the show. ^_^

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  1. great relaxation, plus a little horny convo made it all nice.. good show 🙂

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