Had a pee/poop filled evening

Last night I enjoyed some poop/pee adventures. I drank a lot during the day as I was working outside in the heat, and by nightfall the water was really working its way through me. First, around 8pm I noticed a great need to pee. I ignored it for about a half hour. It got so intense I began to leak, so I got up to rush to the toilet. I could barely stand upright the urge was so bad. I made it to the bathroom door before the piss began to flow, I yanked out my cock and walked, while pissing all over the floor, to the front of the toilet to finish. After I was done I stayed in my wet shorts. Within 45 mins I was desperate to piss again. This time I stayed on the couch and wet myself into the cushions. I planned to wet myself, but the fact that it happened there was actually an accident. I just couldn’t stop the flow once it started. The relief and the feeling of the wet cushion underneath me was amazing.

As for poop, after the wetting occurred my stomach began to cramp as though I needed to have diarrhea. I waited a few minutes, and the urge became overwhelming. I walked to the bathroom intending to use the toilet, but my body had other ideas! I felt the pressure of the impending diarrhea force my ass to open, and before I could stop it a medium sized poop escaped into my wet boxer briefs, almost immediately after than a huge rush of mushy poop flowed out. I leaned back against the wall and just moaned in relief. I jumped into the shower to clean up, and returned to my video gaming on the couch. About 2 hours later I am doing some household chores when the cramps and pressure return BAD. I was outside taking out some garbage, so I figured what the hell. I shut the lid on the can and just dropped my shorts and squatted. I had only just gotten down when my ass exploded. I stayed squatted for about 5 mins just letting out wave after wave of mushy poop. It felt so great being out there with the breeze on me as I experienced such a relieving poop. 

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