Gym disaster (fiction)

It was the final of the intercounty college gymnastics cup and both finalists, St. Stevens College of Art and Granbury Technical College, were fielding teams of highly capable athletes. The St Stevens girls were in pale pink lycra leotards with thigh length legs, high necks and full length arms while the boys were in almost identical garments except that they were pastel blue. The Granbury teams were wearing white lycra thigh-length shorts with royal blue high necked sleeveless ‘muscle’ vests for the boys and bright yellow brief leg style V-necked leotards with very short integral flared skirts for the girls.

Both sets of athletes had perfectly honed bodies which were clearly displayed in almost nude detail in the figure hugging tight athletic gear, the firm breasts of some of the girls with aroused nipples were very noticeable as were some of the boys genitals which displayed the effects of a strong sexual interest in the girls’, and for some, the other boys’ youthful bodies.

All the athletes had been to a celebration dinner the night before at “The George”, one of Granbury’s better known culinary establishments. The morning’s events began with all four teams performing gymnastic leaps and somersaults in remarkable synchronism when suddenly the previously ordered display collapsed into chaos with competitors bumping into one another and falling over each other. When all competitors had finally come to rest, some sitting, some standing, others kneeling, lying down or in a crouched position, it was obvious to all the spectators what had caused the debacle – every one of the shiny lycra leotards and shorts was displaying a huge brown bulge at the rear; in some the brown stain was almost non-existent while others seemed to have shit almost flowing through the fabric of their garments. As the spectators watched, the competitors were doing their best to conceal their embarrassment but to no avail as every one of them was blatantly filling his/her garments with even more vast quantities of very soft shit. In the St. Stevens teams and the Granbury boys, the thigh-length legs meant that at least the enormous and still growing rear bulges were contained but the Granbury girls were in a dreadful state with the shit oozing out of the legs of their leotards and down their legs, some ending up on the floor or the gym mats.

Realizing that they were all in the same boat, one of the St. Stevens boys pressed his hand against the bulging white shorts of a Granbury athlete and spread the bulge all over his bottom. Immediately another Granbury boy retaliated by picking up some shit one of the girls had dropped and pressing it against the pastel blue now bulging crotch of a St. Stevens boy. The girls joined in at this juncture, pressing and squeezing their opponents lycra-clad buttocks and bulges until most of the lycra gear worn by the gymnasts was an almost uniform shade of brown. A few of the girls were crying with a mixture of embarrassment, anger and fear for something must have caused this almost simultaneous release of huge quantities of excrement by all the athletes.

By now it was noticeable that even the organizers in charge who were wearing silver-grey lycra catsuits had shat themselves. It wasn’t long before one of the organizers produced a whistle and blew a long blast at which the horseplay ceased and the competitors stood to attention. Some of the students had just given up on trying to control their bodies and there were many leotards showing wet stains where the wearers had needed bladder relief too and, knowing that the gym would need a thorough cleaning anyway, had simply let their bladders and rectums empty wherever they happened to be.

After a brief discussion among the organizers it was decided to go ahead with the competition after a break to clear up the worst of the mess in the gym and for the students to have a warm shower to wash away any surplus shit, but a complete clean up would have to wait until after the competition. I well remember the delightful feeling of my shit oozing everywhere inside my light blue leotard as I rolled, cartwheeled, jumped, sat and leaped for my college for I was one of the participants on that wonderful day in Granbury. The George was closed for a week afterwards by the Health and Safety people, most of whom had had sons and daughters in the shit spectacular at Granbury Tech.

As for me, I found the experience so pleasurable that now I always wear a lycra leotard under a nappy and rubber pants so that, even if I wanted to, getting to a toilet and removing enough clothing would not be possible before the inevitable happened. I also have some friends who were involved and although they’re not full-time nappy wearers, they’re always willing to relieve themselves into my nappy so I’ve become, by choice, a human urinal and toilet and I love it!

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