Guys to Guys(Wiping Grandpa)

Really? Has anyone out there had to wipe their grandpas asshole? If so, do share as I had to do that very same thing on Sunday when my spouse Jon & I went to visit my grandpa. He lives alone, he asked me to help him a minute & took me into the bathroom for him to pull his pants down to sit on the toilet to take his shit. He said he couldn’t muster up the energy to wipe himself & asked me to do it for him. I did, but it got strange, he’s 79, as soon as I got him to bend over off the toilet for me to wipe his asshole, his dick got immediately hard. Can anyone out there share my awkwardness? He enjoyed my wiping him up immensely, so much that he actually shot a little spot of cum out of his hardened dick. He’s 79 for gods sakes guys, he’s clinging on to what little cum that he has. Anyone share the experience with me out there? I hope so, as I was just so taken back & yet kind of turned on by the whole experience. Just sayin’. Anyone?

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  1. It seems the shit fascination runs in your family. It is nice that the old chap felt he could confide in you. He must have realised that you would reciprocate his interest.
    But to answer your question, no I have not had any similar family experience.

  2. Darn. I’m hoping someone out there has. But yeah, I guess you’re right, the shit fascination does run in my family. Kind of a cool thing for me.

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