Guys to Guys(Spanking)

O.K. guys, weigh in here. Here’s the deal, Jon my spouse & I took his son(Chris), out to dinner w/us on Fri. nt. for a celebration of Father’s Day for Chris to him. Mind you, Chris is a skinny punk ass kid who has no respect for anyone. I mentioned to Chris that I was paying for dinner for his dad & that he should make sure he does something a little special in the next day or 2 for his dad. Chris just scoffed it off & said, “maybe.” Then during the entire dinner Chris just absolutely ignored both Jon & I & actually was rude to the wait staff. When we were leaving, Chris said he had to use the bathroom. At that time I told Jon, “your son is very disrespectful & being very unruly & this shouldn’t be tolerated.” Jon told me to keep calm. We got home & all in the living room & I mentioned this all to Chris, he shrugged it all off & said he didn’t care. I told Jon that even though Chris is 19, he needs to be spanked. Chris chimed up & said, “Dad, if you let this guy spank me I will never forgive you.” I told Jon, either you or I must punish him & I believe in spanking him. Jon hesitated a while, finally I tackled Chris on the couch, pulled his pants donw around his ankles & just started spanking his naked bare ass with my hands like never before. He was whining & crying, bouncing all over yelling for his dad to “make this guy stop.” Jon didn’t do anything & finally said, “you pretty much deserve this, & oh, by the way, Happy Father’s day to me right Chris?” Finally, I let up, Chris rolled over & said to us, “oh it hurt, but look at this.” Are you flipping kidding me, he was sporting a full blown woodie as he played with it in front of us. Jon told him to go to bed & grabbed me to go to our room. When we got there we discussed what happened & he let me know that he didn’t like it but his son was way out of control. I told him that it was time we stood up to Chris & fully discipline him to the max like with bare ass spankings since he is 19, living under our roof, not contributing financially to anything & only has a paper route to only but cigs. & a couple beers off his buddies. He was still unsure about it all & perplexed. He said he never got spanked & he never spanked Chris, but he was upset that Chris showed absolutely no remorse for his ridiculous actions & then on top of it all turned over with a full blown woodie while rubbing it & laughing at us. We went to bed with the understanding that we would have to come up with a decision on how to handle Chris.
Sooo, what do you think guys? Was I right in doing what I did? What would you do? Do share & tell us your thoughts on it ALL, as Jon & I both follow along here with everyone on here. Do let it out for us to figure this out.
Thanks guys. Hope we hear from a lot of you. Oh, by the way, I plan on Sunday, Father’s Day on giving Jon the best blow job EVER & as he likes to be fucked, he WILL be.

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