Guys to Guys(New game we did)

My male spouse & I went to a party on Sat. night to our friends apt. The 4 of us were drinking having fun. One of them asked if we ever played the game “sharing the toilet” We said no but let’s do it. We really didn’t know what to expect. Well, it’s a numbers game, the number I picked got our friend Ric, my spouse(Jon) obviously got Marc. Ric & I went first, Jon & Marc had to undress us to full nudity, then they tossed a coin for Ric & I, heads I sat on the toilet first, which that’s what it was. Then Ric had to start jacking me off to get my dick hard as I sat on the toilet & boy he did. Then he sat down on the toilet, basically on my hard throbbing dick resting under his ass crack. Jon had to put a bucket in front of Rics dick to catch his pee. Ric had to start grunting out his shit & it was going to be grunted right on my hard, throbbing dick. Well, his shit wasn’t poo-pooes it was a big grunted out load of steamy hot shit on my throbbing hard dick which the force of it weighted down my throbbing hard dick sliding off of it into the toilet while Jon held the bucket for Rics piss being shot out of his dick, which was hard so it was a tad bit uncomfortable for Ric. My dick I don’t think was ever throbbing hard as it was then. I mean, I get throbbing, really throbbing hard, but this was unbelievable. Feeling his steaming hot shit load on my throbbing cock was unreal. Awesome. I then was instructed to grunt my poo-pooes out from my spouse Jon. I grunted & it didn’t take long for me to grunt them out fast & furious all the while my throbbing hard cock was getting pelted with Rics load of steamy hot shit load. I mean, the feeling was uphoric. He finished before me as I had a tough nice hard poo-poo being grunted out. Ric got up, shit all over his ass, coached me to finish. I did, then the game is, I had to wipe Rics ass, asshole, asscrack clean with t.p. When I got done with that, he had to wipe clean my still throbbing hard cock clean. Then Marc cleaned my throbbing cock off with a warm washcloth & the both of them took turns sucking me off. After I shot my great white cream of cum,all the while my spouse,Jon watching, I had to get up off the toilet for Jon to wipe my ass, asscrack, asshole clean for then all of them to give me a nice good thorough rim job. Are you kidding me, it was fantastic. Then obviously, the same happened to Jon & Mard from Ric & I. What a fantastic game night at friends. Jon & I got home & were so turned on still by it that I fucked him so hard that we both shot both of our great white cream loads together. Mine up in his beautiful/cute ass & his all over the sheets. What a great Sat. Night!
Anyone ever heard of that game? If so do share please. I would luv to hear about it all.

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