Guys to Guys(Load Sharing)

Hey, any one of you guys experienced “load-sharing” with your guy lover/spouse? Mine told me about this as he did it when he was in college. So we tried it & what a turn on. It’s where one guy gets naked(me) & the other guy(my spouse) gets down to his underwear, which by the way are a size or 2 bigger than what he normally wears. He stoops down, back to me & pulls his underwear out to make a pouch for me to squat down over the opening of his underwear to grunt out my shit right into his open underwear sliding down his ass for him to feel those nice hard, firm steaming hot poo-pooes on his ass and everywhere. It’s hot for me as I’m enjoying grunting out my steaming hot, firm poo-pooes in his underwear, but also hearing him moan with pleasure from the great feeling of my shit. He’s moaning so much in pleasure, that I start jacking off from him being pleased & he starts putting his hand in the front of his underwear to start jacking himself. After I’m done filling his underwear up with my hot steaming firm poo-pooes he pulls them up over him & turns around to wipe my ass clean the whole time he’s feeling my nice steaming hot poo-pooes against his ass cheeks, by this time his ass crack & asshole. We suck ea. other I clean him up. Anyone?

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  1. Would you share the act or just do your poo-pooes in the guys underwear? When my lover/spouse did his poo-pooes in my underwear his turd was so big. It started smearing against my ass cheeks right away all the while being grunted down to touching my balls. Obviously so hot & steamy, which got my cock sooo rocking, throbbing hard that while I was feeling & jacking one big load in the front of my underwear I also was getting another big load in the back of my underwear. After he got done & pulled my underwear up for me to turn me around to wipe his ass clean the tip of his hard steaming hot turd was being pushed up into my asscrack & I even felt it touching my asshole. That was amazing.
    I hope you get the chance to experience this all. It’s great & awesome. Do keep in touch with me. I would luv to read your desire of this all & then hear from you if you get to experience this great act of “load sharing”.

  2. Did you guys ever both your underwear at the same time, then swap and wear each other’s poopy undies? I’ve always to do that with another guy.

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