Guys to Guys(Intrigued by the game)

So my spouse Jon & I woke up on sunday so intrigued by our friends Saturday night (sharing the toilet party) that we felt we should do it on our own. So we filled up on a huge brunch of fluffy pancakes, sausage eggs & bacon with lots of butter & maple syrup to fill our bowels. We laid around awhile watching tv. All of a sudden we both got the mega urge to do a nice big load of our poo-pooes. I told him I wanted to be the one in front on the toilet so I could shit on his rock throbbing hard cock. I grabbed a mni bucket for me to pee in. We stripped each other down to full nudity, & I got him on the toilet & I knelt in front of him to give him a really nice start to a good blow job to get his cock rock hard & throbbing, which it got. I sat down on the toilet in front of him, basically with his rock throbbing hard cock in my ass crack. I told him to get ready ’cause here comes my steamy hot poo-pooes & I mean they were just forcing their way out of my asshole. Most of them long, steamy firm landing right on his rock throbbing hard cock pretty much weighing it down causing him great pleasure but he started grunting his poo-pooes out at the same time mine were weighing his hard cock down. The pleasure sounds he was making were awesome & really turning me on. I hurried up & peed in the mini bucket while I was just semi hard & immediately got rock throbbing hard myself. He reached around & started jacking me off. Mind you I’m still letting out some major long firm poo-pooes on his hard cock. Finally I was done & let him finish while I was still sitting on his cock. He got done, I got up & bent over for him to wipe my entire ass, asscrack, asshole, & balls clean. I turned around & wiped his dick up(still very rock hard), I got him up to bend over for me to wipe his ass crack & asshole clean. We then took a pic of the full toilet bowl of all of our Sunday brunch poo-pooes. Jumped in the shower & just absolutely attacked each other in sheer lust & love. Shot our great white cream of cum loads. Ended up in bed fucking each other the rest of the afternoon.
So our intrigue & curiosity from the Sat night party got the best of us & gave us great pleasure. All was good. Pancakes with lots of butter & syrup, sausage & eggs make some nice firm steamy hot poo-pooes & then to grunt them out on your lovers throbbing hard dick is a beautiful thing.

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