Guys to Guys(Giving Dad an enema)

I was 30 when my mom died of cancer. I lived 2 hrs. away, so I drove home to be with dad & go thru the funeral. We got through everything & said goodbye to all the relatives & friends. All of a sudden in was just him & I in the empty house. I noticed he took his suit coat & tie off & went in the bathroom. He was in there a long time & all the while I heard him making loud grunting sounds. I went & knocked on the door asked him if he was o.k. He said no & told me to enter. I did, there he was with his nice shirt on & his nice pants & underwear down around his ankles sitting on the toilet. I asked him what was wrong & he said, “i haven’t done my poo-pooes in 5 days & I still can’t.” I asked why & he explained that those days he had to take so much care of my mom & not himself. He asked me what he should do. I reminded him of when I was a kid through my teens that when I couldn’t do my poo-pooes he would get me naked & give me numerous enemas to clean me out. He remembered & didn’t think that was for him now. I said “o.k.” just sit there on that toilet & keep on grunting.” I walked out & closed the door. He begged me to come back in, I did, he told me he didn’t have an enema. I told him to get dressed & we’d go to the pharmacy to get one. We did, there was a bit of a selection, I asked him which one he thought he could handle. He picked the one & we went home. I told him to get in the bathroom & fully undress(me right behind him), he was a little apprehensive as it had been quite a few years that we both saw each other naked. Keep in mind, dad & I never minded being naked together, it just was a natural thing for us. Anyway, he got fully undressed as I was unpacking the enema. I looked over & noticed when he was fully naked he tugged on his dick, although he didn’t need to as he had a pretty decent flaccid dick. I told him to get in the knee/chest position on the floor so I could lube him up & give him some enemas to make him do his poo-pooes. He obliged, I grabbed the lube from the cabinet & as soon as I started lubing up all around his nice looking asshole & then up into his nice looking ass pucker hole he got immediately hard. His dick shot up like a soldier! I all of a sudden looked at him & he said “whoops, sorry.” I told him it was fine, all the times he lubed me up for my enemas growing up my dick got hard as well. He smiled, I then proceeded to fill him up with a lot of enema water & told him to hold it. He told me to hold it. I said what? He said “hold my dick while I hold my water, it will help me relax.” I did just that & his cock started throbbing, it was so hard I thought it was going to explode right there. He grabbed hold of my hand on his throbbing hard cock & started moving it up & down, stroking him while he was moaning & instructing me to put my finger from my other hand up his poo-pee hole to help him hold his water. I did, meanwhile my dick is just growing madly hard in my pants from my pleasure of all this. Him 7 I kept stroking his throbbing hard cock until he told me that he had to expel his enema, I helped him up, got him to the toilet & what did he do? Surprised the hell out of me, faced the wall & squatted over the toilet for me to see in front of my eyes him expelling not only his water but his much needed hardened poo-pooes into the toilet. I must admit, that was so awesome that I yelled out,”oh dad, I just shot my load.” I just didn’t even know I said that at first until I came down to reality off my cum load explosion. He told me to reach around to grab his rock throbbing hard cock to jack it off & lo & behold he shot his great white cream of cum load not only in my hands but also it shot on the wall that he was facing. It was a great experience for a father & son who needed each other.
If you liked it send me a message, & I’ll add to it. As, it really happened, but some people don’t like a father /son deal even when age isn’t a factor. Just sayin’. I have experiences that I like to share, so there.

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  1. I think its awesome that a father and son can share an experience like that, and though rare, it still happens. If only more parents took care of their kids that way, maybe, just maybe the world might be a better place !!! Great story btw !!

  2. Thanks. Have you ever had something like that happen with you & your dad? Anything with your dad? Anyway, more events happened after that & I’ll have to share with everyone.
    I too agree, although rare a dad/son deed & relationship that him & I shared during everything is really awesome. Yes, if more dads/sons had this special bonding of helping each other, everything would be a lot better.
    Do comment back if you don’t mind.

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