Guys to Guys(Enema Challenge)

My spouse Jon & I decided to challenge each other today after we woke up. We set out to see which one of us could hold our enema longer. The winner would receive 3 blowjobs a day for 3 days in a row.(Mind you, we give each other blowjobs all the time, but due to both of our busy schedules we only get 1 in each.) So, it would be challenging for both to fit this in. The loser would receive 3 naked bare ass paddlings a day for 3 days in a row.(Ouch.) Might I mention, I’m the one that gives the paddlings in our household when I feel Jon misbehaves or gets too much of a cocky attitude. Also when his 18 yr old son comes around & pisses me off, he gets a nice hard naked bare ass paddling from me as well.
Anyway, We both were naked in the bathroom, I filled the sink with nice warm soapy water & gave Jon his full 32 oz. + more enema while he was in the knee chest position on the floor. After I filled him up I made him get up, spread his legs, bend over to grab his ankles & see just how long he could hold his very full enema in him. 10 minutes passed & he was ok. But, when 15 min. came around he was figidy, whincing around, doing kind of a little dance in discomfort. By minute 16 he said he couldn’t hold it anymore & he had to explode it out. (Note, whenever we give each other enemas, the recipient always has to face the wall & squat over the toilet to let the giver witness with his own eyes the grunting out of the enema.) Oh bot did Jon ever expel an explosions of his bowels. poo-pooes, liquid, it all. Of course when we do give each other enemas, the giver always wipes the ass of the recipient. I did. He turned around & looked at me with a conning smirk on his face, his hard cock standing out at full attention looking right at me throbbing & said, “now it’s your turn.” I obliged, got on the floor in the knee/chest position for him to start filling me up with my enema.(Keep in mind we lube each others poo-pee hole up real nice & thorough along with our ass cracks & then run our lubricated hands up & down the cock of the recipient, & the enema stem.) So I was ready, he filled me up, but I think he gave me more than I gave him but he denied. LOL. I got up, spread my legs bent over to grab my ankles to hold my over-filled bowels from this huge enema. I usually can’t hold my enemas when he gives them to me, but this was a challenge between us & we’re both very competitive. Not to mention, we did this with the idea that maybe we could hold an enema challenge party with our friends for us all to enjoy. 10 min. came, I was ok, surprisingly , Oh wow, 14 min. I was in distress from discomfort. 15 min. I was WOW so much an extremely amount of full discomfort from extremely full bowels that it became a tad bit painful. But the real test was min. 16. Before we got to that I told him that if I made it past 16 min. not only would he be cleaning my poo-pee hole clean he would be jacking my extremely hardened, throbbing cock off cus I felt I could win the challenge. He agreed but didn’t think I could do it as my face was beet red & sweating profusely & I also was doing an uncontrollable dance of discomfort. That DID IT. I KNEW I could do it for just one minute more, I could. Guess what? I’m sooo pissed off, I started leaking my soapy enema water out my nice poo-pee hole. I couldn’t believe it, I was sooo crushed, as I’m the “head-of-the-household-control-disciplinarian” guy in our 20 yr. relationship that I was crushed. I’m the one that raises & administers the wooden paddle in my household, not anyone else! Well, guess what, Jon is getting ready to warm up the wooden paddle for Sunday punishment for the first of 3 days. Oh, OUCH to my naked bare ass. I already told him that we will do this again amongst ourselves for me to win. But, we both decided that YES, we definitely want to hold an ‘enema-challenge’ party for us & our friends. Definitely for sure. I just know, my naked bare ass cheeks are going to be sore for the next 3 days, BUT I WILL PREVAIL for our personal next challenge.
Meanwhile, we called some of our friends & shared this with them, they thought it was a “hot” deal of a party & they were interested in attending. So, Jon & I will be planning it.
Anyone out there that has done this??? Respond please, as we think it’s hot & just wondering, “how about you guys?” Respond.

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