Guys to Guys

I experienced the best shit ever. I was grunting out a nice long, firm hard poo-poo out on the toilet & my then boyfriend, now spouse came in the room, knelt down to give me a blowjob. Wow, did that feel awesome. I was rock hard, grunting out my hard poo-pooes & getting ready to shoot my great white cream of cum in his mouth. I did, & my hard firm poo-poo just slid right out of my ass hole. He got me off the toilet to wipe my ass up(felt awesome). I did the same to him.Anyone else out there does this?

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  1. Try to let him know it’s not really as bad as it sounds. Would he be willing to let you suck him off while he’s taking a shit? Or, is he just all closed up about it? It really is a great turn on.
    By the way, we found out the term for it is “Blumpkin”! I know, weird uh? Anyway I hope you can get him to change his mind, as the orgasm is awesome. We found out friends of ours get into it which was cool & a nice hard cock for my spouse & I to be feeling each others cock thru our pants under the table while we were at dinner with our friends sharing their experience of their Blumpkin experiences. It’s a beautiful thing. Needless to say, when him & I got home, funny thing we both had to do our poo-pooes, we dodged for the toilet. I got the first one! Yum.

  2. I’d love to be sucked while I take a shit. Only one attempt, years ago, a guy said he would, and he got started as I pushed, but when my first firm turd made its appearance, he got cold feet and said it just wasn’t for him. Big disappointment. Been hoping it would happen properly ever since.

  3. It’s so awesome to get this. I’m sorry you got cut off on it from that guy. My spouse & I just did it earlier today. We got up, had some caffeine & whole wheat toast. Went out on the deck to sun ourselves & he all of a sudden said that he was horny but he had to do his poo-pooes. I told him my poo-pooes were building, but also said:”you know what that means, right? Blumpkin time for both of us.” We got up of our chairs & I saw his huge protrusion thru his shorts as he told me he really had to do his poo-pooes now. We got to the bathroom got each other undressed, he sat down on the toilet with his risen, throbbing hard cock in the air for my mouth to go on as he just beautifully grunted out his nice firm, hard, long turd. I sucked him nice & good. Amazingly, his nice hard, firm, steamy hot turd got released out of his asshole just as he shot his great white cream of cum in my mouth. What a beautiful thing. I wiped him up & it was my turn. Oh, it was really good to say the least.
    I really hope you get the chance to receive this very soon as you deserve it especially since you got left hanging on it years ago. Please let me know when you get it as I’d luv to hear all about it in complete details.

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