Guys to Guys: Question.

How do you start up a site like this & how much would it cost???? BUT, ONLY for guys(gay & straight) How is this done? Obviously THIS site is OUT. DONE. FINNITO. NO MAS. It’s not going to happen here guys, (I have NO idea who “PoopAlexa” is OR even that is this persons name, but it’s CLEAR it’s NOT happening on this site for guys to guys, OR anybody. What can be done? How much would it cost? What does it entail?
Anyone know???? Again, I’m ALL about Gay/Straight Guys, NOT women. Sorry Girls, BUT that’s what I WANT & I WANT IT NOW. I have NO idea how these services work & how they are operated & cost. I am clueless on this stuff. But, I am semi-retired, & I’m thinking sites like these are run from a guy from his HOME computer. RIGHT? NO? Educate me,(BUT IN DETAILS) please. Am I WRONG ON THIS?

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  1. Domain: $10/year
    Professional managed forum: Free / $1-$10/month
    Self managed forum: $1-$10/month
    Self managed forum with pictures: $10/mo+
    Self managed forum with pictures and video: $100/mo for several TB’s worth of storage and hosting

    Alternatively, you could run it from a home PC, don’t do this, especially for a porn site V:

    Professionally managed and hosted custom website built for large scale : $’more than the average individual can afford’

  2. First why would a straight guy want join a site where there are no women?

  3. It takes a ton of time. This site in particular likely didn’t require as much time as most sites. It runs on WordPress which is pretty easy to manage. A plugin called BuddyPress turns the WordPress site into a social network.

    If you don’t know what you’re doing, it can get extremely expensive very quickly. If you plan things carefully and develop infrastructure with cost in mind, it can be manageable, especially if you have a way to monetize. But there has to be a balance between community and monetization. When there isn’t, people get pissed off and leave.

    fox mentions some base issues. The real costs come in bandwidth and space usage and how they are managed. If everything is on one server, it will be expensive. If services are offloaded to other servers (like Amazon Web Services), you can get creative with how you manage space and bandwidth and save a lot of money but that takes experience and careful planning.

  4. I know a lot of straight guys who would join for one, & there are some straight guy comments from this site that have stated they like watching a person taking a shit whether straight or gay. So it’s not in-thinkable.

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