Guys to Guys Holiday poo-poose

O.K. guys, the holidays are over, we all ate a lot of food that we don’t always eat on a normal basis. Casseroles, grandma’s favorite salads, special dishes, special family style stuffings, potatoes & the like. So then usually our poo-poose are a bit different than normal poo-poose. Describe to me your holiday poo-poose sessions. Were they hard, firm? Or soft & mushy? Give me the full details of everyone’s holiday poo-poose sessions. Let’s get this string going. I know everyone is back to a normal schedule, but us guys have to talk about this together. Our “holiday” poo-poose sessions generally are different from the regular day poo-poose sessions.
I’ll start. On Christmas day after a full Christmas eve dinner, I got fully naked to sit on the toilet & it took a bit for me to grunt hard out my firm poo-poose, but it felt so good at the same time, especially when I knew the last of the poo-poose was being grunted out & the end of it just slid out, feeling so good to my ass hole & my hard cock as I was jacking off & actually shot my great white cream of cum all over due to that. The day after Christmas, due to a lot of different foods my poo-poose were really firm & hard & hard to grunt out, but I did, & it really felt good to my ass hole when I knew the end of my poo-poose were being grunted out. My ass hole felt sooo good releasing those poo-poose, but they were real hard, firm poo-poose, so as much as my ass hole felt a little pain due to grunting them out, it actually felt good as well & again my cock was hard & again, I played with it to get it raging rock hard to shoot my great white cream of cum all over me & some on the floor. What a beautiful thing & feeling for me.
C’mon guys join the string & explain everything. I invite & challenge you all. Let’s get it going.

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  1. Well I’m not quite sure about what food is best for pooping but a bit of advice from my own personal experience is always check the ingredients for packets of small sweets or some brands of chewing gum and look out for an ingredient known as “phynlalanine” at least I think that is how its spelt. Anyway if you notice this in the ingredients list then you will be wise to make sure that you haven’t eaten two whole packets of them in 15 minutes before you discover the extreme laxative effects of this particular ingredient when you are inevitably struck down with a really bad and very sudden case of diarrhoea only 20 minutes into the 2 hour maths lesson and the teacher is a total bitch and no matter how much you try to convince her to let you go to the toilet she just keeps telling you “you should have gone at break time” and you explain that you didn’t feel the need to go at break time but you are now desperate for the toilet and already have a little bit of poo in your pants and you plead with her to allow you to be excused from her lesson for just a couple of minutes before you “diarrhoea your underpants, trousers and your seat but she just smiles and makes you squirm around in your seat with your underwear and your social life about to be completely destroyed and you try not to let anyone else see that your trying not to cry as your fully aware of the fact that you are clearly going to “fairly shit yourself” and as you feel your backside is about to give in you try to use your hands to lift yourself up from the seat as you can feel the muscles in your backside give way and you find out your mistake of eating two boxes of these really nice yet should come with a warning on the box as your underwear is very rapidly filled with runny, yellow very smelly diarrhoea (kind of the consistency of carbonated gravy) only with a strong, pungent pongy, sickly sweet very stinky shit that has not anywhere near been contained in the back of your underwear or trousers and you are now sitting down in a lovely puddle of runny poo with the entire class in absolute histerics with laughter at your unfortunate situation and then with nearly an hour and a half left of the lesson you sit there crying knowing that you are again desperate for the toilet and everyone is waiting for you to finish the job of completely shitting yourself and all but ruining your social life with a rather loud, squelchy splattering noise erupts from your backside to the amusement of the rest of the class apart from those who are being rather nasty about the smell you have just made and how “rank” or “disgusting” you are. To round the story off the rest of the day after that lesson had finished and I was waddled to the changing rooms were the nurse helped me to remove my trousers and underwear and clean my backside before the infamous “school P. E shorts were brought out and she had me step in them one leg at a time and then pulls them right up and ties the cord of the waist so tight that after a couple of hours sitting outside the headmasters office and again needing a shit really badly and with only an hour to go until the end of the day when I couldn’t find a teacher to take me to the toilet and so again it happened only this time I was in a pair of yellow nylon shorts with a solid netting inside as I felt the pressure on my backside burst with an explosive sound of the diarrhoea being spewed into the shorts and all over the seat and was beginning to run down the back of my knees as I had no chance of getting away with it and then all I could do was cry my eyes out as they were on the phone with my mum and explained that she would have to come pick me up from school and that it would probably be a good idea if she brought a fresh pair of trousers with her to put over the top of the very shitty shorts and as I waddled slowly out of the school gates just in time for the rest of the school to be right behind me with all sorts of comments and laughter at my expense to say the least I fairly got some grief from the rest of my class and it went on for weeks before the ridicule finally began to subside. 👖💩😭👖💩😭

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