Grow Up

So today is the final day of living with my parents still.  I’m turning 24 and I’m finally moving out!  I know that’s a pretty lame age to be to finally get a taste of freedom, but hey better late than never!  No more of my dad telling me to get a job and stop playing video games.  No more of my mom telling me to grow up and act my age. And best of all, no more of them both getting on me about still wearing diapers.  I really didn’t need them, but I faked a bedwetting problem as a kid because I liked the idea of wearing diapers and peeing in them instead of wasting time going to the bathroom.  It was an odd situation at first, but it just became second nature to me.  It used to be really fun to plan on being in just my diapers at home when I knew my parents were going to be away. 

So my friend Chris sent me a Skype message saying he wanted to have a party for me.  Chris and I have been best friends forever and he knew all about my diapers. He was a true bedwetter too.  Well, he was an ex-bedwetter, but he knew all about me and knew that I was just faking and he thought it was pretty cool. I always felt comfortable around Chris when I wore diapers around him.  Not so much with my other friends because I always felt they would judge me if they found out, but Chris was different.  There was plenty of times during sleepovers when we were young adults where we would both have holding contests in diapers. I secretly always had an attraction to him when I saw him strip down to just his wet diaper. We were raised very Conservative and any thoughts of homosexuality were a sin. I didn’t care though. His body was awesome and many nights I lay awake jerking off to how good looking he was in those wet diapers!

Chris arrives not only with a few cases of beer, but also his cousin Eric.  I didn’t mind Eric all that much because he was always really fun to be around when he was drunk. He could always make me laugh.  Many times he made me wet my diapers from laughing too hard! Eric just had a huge fight with his wife and needed a place to crash for the night, so I said he could stay the night.  Without further words all three of us got to gaming and drinking beer.  I thought about wearing a diaper under my shorts, but I was so into the gaming and conversations we were all having that I didn’t get up to go and change.  I did look like a kid though.  I have always dressed like this.  I just always felt I looked best dressed juvenile. Denim shorts and a cartoon screen tee with ankle socks and puffy skate shoes.  Anyways, today I wore a new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle shirt that my mom bought for me at Wal-Mart.  After a few debates on what we should play, I decided on a Contra game that I downloaded from the PS3 Store.  It wasn’t a new game, but I never played or heard of it and niether did Chris or Eric so we played it.  As the beer kept flowing I kept wishing that I was wearing diapers because I was having fun with the game and being with my friends, but I was sick of having to get up every 5 minutes to pee. 

After awhile Chris was complaining about being hot and was asking if he could change.  For some odd reason Chris was never allowed to wear shorts around his house and he always asked if he could wear mine when we hung out together.  As usual I abliged and told him to go change in my room.  He came back out looking just as juvenile as me.  Wearing brown cargo shorts and a Pokemon tee. We giggled a bit and of course Eric looked at us like we were nuts.  After awhile I felt the need to pee again, but I was entranced by how awesome Chris looked.  I tried to keep my composure anytime the controller was passed back to me, but I knew that Chris noticed that my eyes were fixated on him.  I continued watching him and needing to pee and wishing I was wearing I diaper under my shorts.  I then started daydreaming about Chris and thinking about the times him and I were having sleepovers in just diapers and our young adult bodies.  Thinking of the holding contests.  Thinking of how fun it was to hang out.  Thinking of how great we both looked.  I started imagining letting go and flooding my diaper and how great it felt when all that warm pee built up inside just came out and flowed all around my balls and ass and soaked into the thick diaper and made the diaper all puffy and comfy.  I started to relax from the day dream and then the unthinkable happened.  I was not only peeing my diaper in my daydream world, but was also peeing my undies and shorts in the real world!  My first reaction was to stop, but I was almost in shock at what was happeneing and I couldn’t stop as much as I tried.  I heard, felt, and saw it as I looked down.  Chris and Eric looked on as I sit there paralyzed in fear and ecstasy as my shorts got soaking wet with warm pee and puddled under me on the leather couch.  When I finally got my composure back, I got up and while still nervous, I puked on the floor.  I then ran into my room while Eric was laughing at what he just saw.  I got in my room and started crying.  Next thing I knew was Chris was behind me as I started taking me we shorts off.  He told me to keep them on.  Next thing I knew was he started wetting my shorts that he was wearing.  It was the hottest thing I ever seen!  He looked so God damn cute!  My dick got insanely hard in my wet shorts watching what he just did.  I couldn’t take it no more.  While he was still dripping pee all over my floor, I tackled him and started making out with him on the ground in his pee puddle.  We took off eachother’s shirts and shorts and were in just pee soaked undies.  We had our hands in eachother’s undies and were jerking eachother off.  It didn’t take us long to cum, but we were still not done.  I wanted to go all out and so did Chris. 

As we laid there on the floor in our pee and cum soaked undies, Chris started wetting again.  My dick got hard all over again and the next thing I knew I was in his undies and had his dick in my mouth.  This was the first time I had ever done this, but it felt so natural to me.  It only look a few sucks and the next thing I knew, I was swallowing his load of cum all the while cumming again in my wet undies.  It was a moment of fantasy for both of us, until we looked back up and saw Eric in the room staring at us.  We were silent and paralyzed with fear.  Next thing that happened was we both passed out not only from the beer and fear, but also the lack of oxygen to our brains from cumming so much.

As we both started to wake up, we realized we were both naked and wearing just diapers.  Both of us were wet and Chris was also poopy. I started to force some poop out too and then I looked at Eric while I was pushing.  He told Chris and I to grow up, but we never did.

The End

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