Green Mess

Decided I was in an orcish mood lately, so here’s a short story I made about two orcs having a smelly time together in a bar’s bathroom.


“Hey, Gojor. You gon’ get that?” the bartender asked.

Sitting on the bar stool was a burly humanoid figure with dark green skin and tusks hanging out from the bottom of his mouth. The orc grumbled as he finished eating his basket of hot wings and drinking his beer. He glared ahead at the bartender, another orc who was busy drying out one of the glasses, scowling and sweating in the hot establishment. The bar had a few other orcs inside of it, most of whom were busy keeping to themselves or trying to stay awake after downing so much alcohol. Even Gojor found himself struggling to stay awake, having spent so much time filling his stomach with hot wings, nachos, and four steins of beer. The chubby orc looked down at his plump, distended belly that wouldn’t stop growling and felt a pressure in his lower bowels. His brown vest was open, revealing his chiseled chest and beer gut, and his blue jeans were tight around his body and backside. He didn’t wear any shoes though, like many other orcs in the community. After Gojor finished looking at himself, he glared back up at the bartender and exhaled.

“How long has Hokkzor been in there?”

“Bout a half hour. Made sure to lock the door so he wouldn’t get out and no one would get in.”

“Mm. Orcs don’t mind goin’ outside?”

The bartender chuckled. “We ain’t them fuckin’ humans, Gojor. Don’t give a fuck where we gotta relieve ourselves. Just, uh…Hokkzor got a bit ‘agitated’ earlier when no one wanted to ‘get messy’ with him.”

Gojor exhaled as he got off the stool, running a hand against his bald head. “I ain’t paying for the food. You best be glad I’m willing to calm Hokkzor down with my, err, ‘special talents.'”

“Sure, whatever. Just get Hokkzor outta here. Without agitating the other customers.”

Gojor nodded before he walked over to the bathroom. The bartender walked over to the door and unlocked it, allowing the green-skinned beast to step inside. Once he was in the dank, wet bathrooms, he noticed the stalls and the urinals and how wet the floor was. The whole room stank of sweat, orc piss and of a toilet someone hadn’t flushed recently. Before the bartender said anything else, he swiftly closed and locked the door again, leaving Gojor inside. Flaring his nostrils, Gojor walked over towards one of the open stalls and heard someone belch. When he peeked inside, he came across Hokkzor, who was far thicker and fatter than him. The orc was clad in a sweaty white tank-top that failed to cover his plump, hairy belly and showed off his burly green arms. He also wore blue jean shorts, a pair of black boots, and a dark yellow bandanna that covered his scalp. When the orc spotted Gojor, he immediately snarled as he rose from the toilet, snorting.

“HIC! You…you gon’ pleasure me, boy!”

Hokkzor wasn’t taller than Gojor, but he was definitely more muscular and fatter. Once he rose from the toilet, he stomped towards Gojor, snarling and snorting as he backed Gojor up towards the wall.

“None a’ them fucks wanna make me cum! …You gon’ help, right?”

Hokkzor growled as he reached forward, grabbing Gojor’s big beer belly with his massive hand. He stroked the pudge for a moment, and Hokkzor snorted.

“You a big boy…ain’t big like me though!”

Gojor tried not to scowl as he smelled Hokkzor. The big orc was incredibly musky; Gojor saw sweat dripping from his face and armpits. And everytime he exhaled, Gojor smelled the big orc’s foul breath, scented heavily of rotten meat and beer.

“None a’ them fucks outside…they…they ain’t like me. Don’t like makin’ messes! Think it’s too childish! But you…hehehe, you like makin’ messes, boy?”

Gojor didn’t say anything. He just nonchalantly ripped a huge fart, his green ass cheeks shaking within his tight blue jeans as he blew out the nasty flatulence that echoed inside the bathroom. Hokkzor chuckled as he sniffed the air and plugged his nose.

“Oof, stinky! That stank come from you, boy?”

Gojor leaned forward and sniffed Hokkzor’s breath again. “If I’m being honest, think that smell’s just your breath.”

Hokkzor laughed joyously, his corpulent belly jiggling as he laughed, the fluids inside sloshing around. He backed away from Gojor and took a huge breath before he grunted and moved his legs apart a bit. Then he folded his arms and smirked.

“Them fuckin’ humans…they say we should use bathrooms…they’re rules humans made…hmph. This what I think of their rules!”

Gojor stared at Hokkzor as he leaned near the stall door, thick hairy arms still folded. Nothing happened at first. But after a brief moment, Gojor looked down at Hokkzor’s shorts and saw a stain emerging from the front. The dark stain was small at first, a small dot of fluids. Then it started to spread around, causing the crotch region of Hokkzor’s trousers to darken. Moments later, the stain grew darker and darker, stained with musky fluids. Gojor watched as the dark stain started to move further south, obviously heading for an exit. He kept staring at the leg holes of Hokkzor’s shorts and his eyes widened when he finally saw the evident fluids trickling downwards. There was a faint series of splashes at first, the mere sound of water droplets hitting the floor. Some of the fluids even hit the edge of Hokkzor’s boots. But then the corpulent orc took a huge breath, and what started as mere drops soon turned into a steady stream splashing against the tiles.

Gojor couldn’t tell what aroused him more: the sight of the piss, or the fact that such a masculine orc was shamelessly pissing himself as an act of defiance against the humans. A stream of piss was squirting from Hokkzor’s right leg hole, constantly dripping against his right boot. Copious amounts of urine was bleeding through the jean shorts onto the floor, creating a puddle between Hokkzor’s big feet. The scent of the musky piss filled both of their lungs and made them equally aroused. And the entire time, Hokkzor remained firm, arms still folded with a cheeky smirk on his face. As he urinated, a deep-toned fart escaped from his backside, and Gojor listened to the muffled sputtering noises, wondering if Hokkzor sharted himself. The streams of piss started to let up after a moment, and Gojor could tell that the chubby orc was nearly finished. He reached over and grabbed Hokkzor’s shorts, squeezing his bulge and feeling how warm and wet his trousers were. Hokkzor chuckled as he finally put his arms down and got in Gojor’s face.

“You a messy orc, boy?” he asked.

Gojor nodded.

“You ain’t like them humans, boy?”

“Not really.”

“Tch! Suuuuuurrrrrrre, yeah…yeah…som’ shit and you know it. If I were a thick human, you’d bend over an’ let me fuck you…you ‘notha one of them orcs who follow them humans laws, aint’cha?”

“I’m not.”

“Hmph. You use them toilets, dont’cha?”

“I don’t.”

“Bullshit. Show me. Show me you ain’t no human ass-kisser.”

Gojor smirked. He didn’t have to pee, but all those nachos and hot wings were doing their job. The chubby orc chuckled as he backed away, his lower bowels grumbling again as he felt the waste moving. Just like Hokkzor, Gojor folded his arms. Only this time, he turned around, showing off his big ass. Hokkzor gazed at the skinnier orc’s big rump, noticing part of his underwear hanging above the waistline. Gojor didn’t bother wasting his time; he went ahead and started going. The orc took a few deep breaths before he inhaled sharply and pushed. Hokkzor couldn’t see anything due to the durable material of the jeans, but he definitely heard it. It sounded like a series of muffled crackles and pops going on all at once. It only lasted for about five seconds, but once it was done, Hokkzor’s phallus was completely hard. He leaned forward and gazed at the seat of Gojor’s jeans. He noticed a lump back there, but not one that was immense or enormous. Nevertheless, it was still impressive from the noise alone. Just as Hokkzor was about to say something, Gojor kept going. He pushed out a short, muffled, squishy fart that caused a dark stain to slowly form against the back of the jeans.

His second wave of shit was looser, wetter, and definitely stinkier. But Gojor pushed it out with no problem whatsoever. After the muffled farting ended, Hokkzor heard a thick SPLORCH, and he saw the bulge in Gojor’s jeans expand very quickly. What looked like a small orange stuffed into Gojor’s trousers now ballooned into a massive grapefruit. Even better, because of how wet the shit was, it left a huge brown stain against Gojor’s ass crack. Hokkzor moaned deeply as he looked at the stain on the other orc’s jeans and started leaking pre-ejaculate. He lowered his head and sniffed Gojor’s pants, growling tenderly afterwards.

“Urgh…nice, musky, thick stench…good for you, boy.”

Gojor turned back around and giggled. “Hey. Hot wings don’t agree with me.”

Hokkzor licked his lips before his lower bowels grumbled too. “Myyyyyyy turn!”

Giggling, Hokkzor turned around and lowered his shorts to the floor, revealing his hairy legs and his bubbly buttocks. He was wearing a pair of light green plaid boxer-briefs that clung tightly to his ass and were already stained from a few sharts.

“This gon’ be extra rank!”

Hokkzor started going almost immediately afterwards. He unleashed a couple of short, cut off farts that were obviously blocked from the fecal matter inside of his rectum. There was a short pause, and Hokkzor took a few breaths. Seconds later, the orc’s plaid undies ballooned outwards in no time at all. The excrement was warm and wet, and it had no room to maneuver because of the tight space. So the shit clumped together, forming a ball that was smashed against Hokkzor’s funky ass and his underwear. As Hokkzor purged his bowels, his underwear began to bulge outwards and was quickly stained brown from the waste. He was shitting so hard that his underwear even began to sag on its own, the shit moving downwards and causing the underwear to droop. The trademark stink filled Gojor and Hokkzor’s lungs, making them both very hard. Amazingly, as soon as Hokkzor started, he had finished. His dump was quick and fast, but also voluminous and plump. His load was just as big as Gojor’s–if not bigger thanks to how much was able to spread around. Hokkzor opened his mouth wide, his tongue hanging out.

“AARRRRRRRRGH!” he moaned, as he came in his underwear. The fat orc huffed and panted as he looked at the bulge around his crotch. He saw the bulge throbbing multiple times, and noticed another, stickier stain forming around his dick and balls as he ejaculated. Hokkzor took a few deep breaths after cumming in his undies and started to relax.

“Mmf…damn that felt good!”

Gojor just chuckled and shook his head, while Hokkzor immediately waved a hand behind his funky ass.

“Smells like someone shit their pants in here…”

Hokkzor pulled up his shorts and buttoned them back up before he grinned and looked at Gojor.

“Wuzzat you?”

Gojor meekly scratched his bald head before showing off his own stained jeans. “Guilty!”

Hokkzor sighed as he walked over to the green orc and stroked his face. “Good…good for you, boy.”

Gojor held onto Hokkzor when he nearly fell over. “C’mon, let’s get you home.”

Hokkzor just mumbled and nodded. Gojor walked over to the bathroom door and knocked on it. Afterwards, the bartender came and unlocked the door, plugging his nose.

“It work?”

Gojor looked over at Hokkzor, who was now smiling goofily and drooling.

“Oh yeah…he’s happy now.”

“And he won’t cause no more trouble?”

“No…no trouble, boss man. Jus’ wanna get some sleep…” Hokkzor said.

“Good. Now get your dirty asses outta here ‘fore you stink up the place,” snarled the bartender.

“This bar stinks already,” Gojor pointed out.

The bartender scowled. “You know what, you can take the front door since you wanna get all smarmy.”

Gojor blinked. “All right.”

Gojor held Hokkzor as the two of them headed for the front entrance of the building. As soon as they came across other orcs, they sniffed the air and scowled, noticed that someone shat themselves, or spotted the stains on Gojor and Hokkzor’s pants and began to laugh at them. Gojor heard some comments about how the orcs acted like toddlers too young to know how to use a toilet properly, but Gojor didn’t care. He managed to calm Hokkzor down before he got into a fight with anyone, and he got to have a little fun himself. As Gojor sniffed the air and reached the front door, he scowled and plugged his own nose.

As much as Gojor enjoyed messing himself, he did wish orc shit didn’t stink so much…

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