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I am repost this story ( i change a little bit , the original is from ipooppants123)

Pizza party
I was on my eighth slice of pizza. Peter (my roommate) and I had always been competitive for as long as I had known him, and pretty much everything we did turned into some sort of contest. He was clearly winning this one, however, chowing down on slice number eleven.

Peter took a swig of his beer and belched loudly. “I’m still feeling pretty hungry, dude. We might have to order a few more pizzas,” he laughed.
“As long as you’re paying for them fatass,” I jabbed back. Truthfully, fatass would be the last word I would use to describe Peter. Despite his ungodly appetite, Peter was one of the fittest guys I knew. He seemed to be in the gym more than his college classes. He usually wore some sort of tank to show off his arms and chest, and it drove the girls wild. He had dark hair and dark eyes with a nicely trimmed beard and the best ass I’d ever seen. I’d be lying if I said he didn’t drive me wild as well, but since we’d known each other for forever we were never anything more than friends.
“Alright, you win,” I sighed, looking down at my unfinished slice of pizza. Without hesitating, Peter snatched it from my plate and scarfed it down.
“Good thing you stopped trying. I wouldn’t want to see you puke all over the place anyways,” Peter gloated.
“Whatever,” I said rolling my eyes. The true reason I had stopped eating, though, was the enormous pressure building up in my intestines. I regularly take two healthy shits a day, but for some reason I hadn’t gone for the past three days. Now, however, my three days worth of shit wanted out, and I wanted the relief. “I need to take a shit. I’ll be right back. Try not to gain 100 pounds while I’m gone.”
“I gotta take a major dump, too,” Peter replied. “No way I’m going to let you stink up the place before I get to go.”
“Fuck you! I called it first. Besides, you always take forever in the bathroom!”
Peter smirked, “Let’s see who can hold it the longest. Whichever one of us doesn’t shit our pants can use the toilet.”
“Hell no. I called the toilet first, so I’m using it.”
“Come on, wouldn’t you like a rematch after losing our pizza eating competition? I mean, you weren’t even close,” Peter teased. He grimaced and let out a long, wet fart.
“Haha, you sure you didn’t shit your pants already?”
“No fucking way, dude.” Peter took off his tank to reveal his broad shoulders and chiseled abs. He started pulling down his jeans, and pointed his ass at me. “Look, no stain.”
Sure enough, his tight fitting briefs that hugged his ass were pure white. Peter smiled cockily. “Let’s see your underwear. I want to make sure you’re not cheating.”
I stripped down to my briefs. Although, a monster load was wanting to be released from my bowels, my briefs were as clean as could be. However, the movement caused by removing my clothes made me let out a fart of my own. It was a deep rumbler that lasted about five seconds. “It fucking stinks in here already,” I said while waving my hand in front of my nose. All of a sudden I felt a pain in my gut as increased pressure tried push out the shit I had been holding in for three days. I gasped, crossed my legs and started bouncing up and down. “On second thought, maybe this wasn’t such a good idea.”
“No backing out now,” Peter commanded. “Besides I wouldn’t want you to miss out on this.” Peter tackled me and pinned me down. He put his beautiful ass above my face and let loose a barrage of farts. I could see a brown stain form on the seat of his briefs.
“Fucking disgusting!” I yelled. Despite this, I began to feel a bit turned on by this situation. My cock twitched in my briefs as I broke free of his grip, and pinned him down to the ground. Of course, Peter was much stronger than me, so I couldn’t keep him down for very long. We started wrestling, rolling all around our living room. The longer we wrestled, the more farts Peter let out and the bigger the stain in his briefs got. The more farts Peter ripped, the more turned on I got. I was mortified that Peter might find out about my throbbing erection, but having the opportunity to have his hot body all over me was too great to pass up, and I had almost forgotten about my desperate need for a shit.
That is until I farted a little too hard while Peter had me in a headlock. “Oh shit! ” I cursed as I felt the tip of the turd touch my briefs. The pressure was almost too much to bear.
“Looks like you’re gonna lose this contest too,” Peter said. His strong arms kept me down despite my struggling to get free.
“Oh fuuuuuck,” I said as my load started pushing its way out. I felt the warm sensation of my shit spreading around my ass as it slid out. It made a cool crackling sound as it filled my briefs. My briefs felt tighter and tighter as they stretched out to make more room for my massive load. The combined feelings of relief with how much my cock was throbbing made me feel the horniest I had ever felt in my life. Without thinking of what the consequences might be, I brought my lips together with Peter’s. He loosened his grip and we started making out passionately all while I was filling my pants.
We were laying next to each other on the floor embracing each other. I reached down and started stroking Peter’s cock. To my delight, he was already as stiff as I was. He broke away from our kiss and said, “This is so hot. Fuck, I’m about to load my briefs too. I can’t believe you’re still going.”
I heard a wet splatter of farts and then a faint crackling sound. Peter was shitting his briefs, and he was shitting them hard. His load was coming out faster than mine, but it was evident that his load was going to be bigger than mine.
With a final series, of farts I finished loading my pants. Peter was still grunting and moaning and farting like crazy. I put my hands down on his ass and felt his load grow. It seemed like his underwear were going to burst from the amount of abuse that Peter was putting them under. I could see in his eyes the ecstasy of letting out that mound of shit. The entire backside of his underwear was a deep brown and bulged out. I began to squish his load through his underwear against his ass.
“Fuck man. That feels so good!” Peter moaned as he made one final push. “Uggggggh…” That final push filled up his undies so much that it didn’t look like his load never was squished in the first place.
Simultaneously, we both sat up and squished our loads. I almost came as I felt my warm load cradle my balls. Peter reached over and stroked my cock. I did the same and we both started jacking the other off. I moaned with pleasure as I came. Wave after wave of cum spurted onto my body as I experienced the orgasm brought about by Peter’s hand. “Ohhhhhhh…” Peter gasped as he started cumming. He reached over and kissed me again. We both looked longingly into each other’s eyes and began to cuddle in each other’s arms.
“How do you feel about ordering some more pizza tomorrow night?” Peter asked with a smile. I couldn’t help but smile back.

The next day Peter ( my roommate) came with a challenge ( maybe stupid but hot as hell)
He prepared a breakfast with everything we like (eggs, pancakes, and etc.)

after we finished eating, peter came up with his challenge. he put a glass of laxative on the table, lets see How long we can hold our poop.
he smiled at me, and I said: did you really enjoy our adventure last night ?

Peter replied :fuck bro, I enjoyed it, I never cum like that in my life.
I destroyed my favorite underwear but It worth It haha.

He ripped a stinky long one while said that .

And i said damm bro are you sure you haven’t destroyed these underwear either. He laugh a lot and both drink the laxative .

an hour passed and the laxative started to take effect while we were playing call of duty. I rip a wet one and damm smells like rotten eggs , Peter said dude
I can’t believe you shit yourself.
And i replied : not yet with a smile in the face .

Damm that was toxic . Peter let out some stinky ones too .

few minutes later peter got up and put his ass in my face and let out the most stinky fart of his life . His underwear got some skidmarks and he said fuck that was good.

I couldn’t resist and put my nose in his ass, he said do you want more ? And let out another big one. We Kiss again.

he then went to pee and while walking down the hall he released another mega fart( his underwear now was Brown but he didnt poop himself yet)

then it happened i tried to release another fart.
  But massive wave of diarrhea turned my white underwear into brown.

Peter said fuck you lose, But but I won’t let you have fun alone. He put my hand in his back and fart again i feel his underwear get bigger like Air ballon( but with a hot wet and stinky diarrhea) a lot of long wet farts came out.

Peter Kiss me again and said what you think we enjoy our mess now .

We cum a lot and damm the Room smells really bad.
After our Fun peter said i am not done yet dude, he let out another fart ( 45 secs) the Brown poop run down his leg . And he said lets clean our ass dude maybe we got some Fun in the shower .

Late this night we said lets have more fun tomorrow , i Kiss him and said cant wait dude .

Sorry about my english mistakes . But if you have some story like this one please post on here in the comments. And If you have more ideas for another story let me know.

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