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I was feeling horny from pissing my pants so I grab my always handy vibrator and started shoving into my pussy as far as I can moaning like and humping it. I felt the need to shit and I didn’t want to waste it in the toilet cause it felt big but I didn’t want to ruin my pants anymore, so I pulled the vibrator out went up to my bed room stripped down so I was naked grab a diaper lied down on my bed and put the vibrator back in moaning and moving it in and out till I orgasmed, which took maybe 10 minutes. I put the diaper on and started rubbing myself through the diaper starting to feel horny again knowing what was about to come out of me. I lifted my ass up off my bed still rubbing myself, I didn’t want to have to push this load out so I lied there with my ass up till my ass hole slowly started to open sliding out the massive think soft warm shit, I was moaning with pleasure feeling my pussy get really wet, I started pushing alittle grunting and moaning as I started rubbing myself harder. The first log came out and I sat down and squished it alittle making room for the rest of the load. I started pushing more out another nice big log out and a few smaller logs, once  all the load was out I squished it around making it go all over me. I undid the diaper seeing this giant mess probably would have been the size of to baseballs before I squished it. I put the vibrator back in my extremely wet pussy and started moaning and humping the vibrator I orgasm after half an hour. I go to get in the shower after playing in my mess for a little while longer, when my boyfriend rings the door bell I answer it even though I’m in only a very messy diaper.

“whoa damn hey there sexy” he says as I open the door

“hey what you doing here”

“I was feeling lonely and horny” he says looking down and his hard penis “is that shit I smell? Did someone make a stinky?”

“yeah someone did”

“oh baby you naughty girl” he says slapping my ass and pulls me close

“yeah I was, I was actually about to go clean up you wanna join me?” I say as I start taking his shirt off

“hell yeah” he pick me up squishing my diaper. I take his pants and boxer off then wrap my leg around his, he starts carrying me up to the bathroom and take my diaper off “damn baby that’s quite the mess you made”

“I know I was a very naughty” I say as he turns the water on and starts washing my messing body

“let’s be naughty even more” then we kiss long and hard and lowers me on to his hard dick then we have amazing sex and I had a third orgasm  10x better the first ones

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