Got up Memorial Day and had the urge!

I woke up this morning (Memorial Day) and saw what a beautiful day it was. I had my usual urge to poop so I decided to go to my favorite lake and go swimming for the morning. I didn’t know if I could hold it until I got there or not. It takes me about 5 minutes to drive to the lake but on the way I had a bad urge to poop some out into my swim trunks., not by choice but by accident -(like I could care) ! With a small load in my pants, I walked out into the water. The water was really nice and warm and there was no one other than me at the lake. I laid back in the water (floating) and spread my legs as far apart as I could. I had another urge to poop so I just let it come out by itself without any help from me. My pants were about half full without me even trying .. Then I moved my legs in and out to feel the nice soft poop rub against my legs, ass, and balls. It felt so good. Then I went for the gusto and pooped all the rest out into my swim trunks and it filled them up completely. I was in a second world not giving a fuck about anybody or anything except the poop in my pants. Oh how nice it felt! Then I masturbated (while floating on the water) enjoying the poop in my pants and as I got highly excited I got off rather quickly . My cum lasted for what seemed like an hour but actually was only about 7 seconds or so. It felt so good to have it release inside all over the front of my swim trunks. I tried to cum again but to no avail – I just couldn’t get it to go off again. I had shot my wad and that would do me in for the next day or so. I then cleaned myself up and headed to the apartment where I had an assortment of meats to cook on the BBQ grill. I was entertaining some friends for a get together at my pad with food and beer. I had a real nice memorable Memorial day I will long remember. Couldn’t get much better for me!!!

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