Goodnites to class

I had recently started college and had been stressed out by all things, mainly being away for the first time, in fact most of my pictures are from my first few weeks at school, it seemed to triple my fetish for some reason. Diapers are a way for me to relax and feel young again.
anyway i balled up and went to the pharmacy and bought my first pack of diapers, goodnites xl. now since i was a kid i have scrounged diapers here and there but this was the first time i had bought them, i will never forget the feeling. There was a mom with her two boys in front of me in line and the younger one who was sitting in the cart kept looking at me and smiling and kind of laughing which made me really self concious and embarresed anyway, i bought them got in my car, stashed what i could and went back to my dorm.

the next day i got one out of my car before class and put it on in a stall, i was wearing a t shirt, blue jeans, a pair of medium sized tighty whiteys and a goodnites pulllup underneath, i kept tugging at my sweatshirt to make sure my diaper or my tighty whiteys for that matter were not exposed.

During my first lecture i managed to get a few spurts of pee out the whole hour even with a raging boner. During the second lecture things got intresting, for me a side affect of stress is getting the squirts. i knew i had to hold it in, time went by so slowly, just horrible cramps, i knew if i could just make it through the class and get outside be four i exploded i would be ok since my roomie would be in class for another hour.
ย finally class was over i sprinted down the hall to the stairs, as i was going down the stairs it happend, i exploded into my goodnites. i didnt feel any leakage that was good. so i ran back to my room, leaving a nice scent trail behind me the whole way, got back in my room and peeled of my GN ever so carefully and threw into a paper bag and then triple bagged that bag and threw it into my garbage bin and opened my window. took a quick shower and took out my garbage and then went back and got rediapered,

it’s a good memory now, but it was my first “accident” in years, luckily i was wearing a diaper ๐Ÿ˜›

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  1. that’s an exciting story that’s what i will do in college i love wearing goodnites diapers they are so great and comfortable

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