Good morning

Just got up, pulled on a stained pair of Hanes underwear than a depends brief and finally a pair of sweat pants.

I laid back down for a short nap before getting up for the day.
I could feel a good shit coming on, so laying on my back with my knees bent up I pushed a nice firm load in my pants I took my hand and pressed the load in my pants to make sure it stayed in place and got up to proceed with my day.
I went out got my dog and walked her around the block the load in my pants felt great, I had to kind of press it with my hand once in awhile to keep it in place. I could feel there was more to come. About half way around the block I stopped to talk to my neighbor, what a thrill that was, to have a full load in my pants, 

<div>talking to him with a full load and him not knowing the difference.

When I got back to my house I got in my car, the load felt great smashing against my butt and up my crack. I decided to take the 15 minuet trip down to the city park, first I lifted my butt off the car seat and let out another big softer load, this went curling up around my balls and felt great.
I got to the park and a bunch of teenage boys were playing baseball so I sit on the bleacher to watch for awhile, that made my poop smash around in my pants big time. Watching the game I kept seeing this one guy keep pulling on the seat of his pants, I couldn’t help wandering if he pooped his pants too.
I decided it was time to clean up so I went over to the bathroom, cleaned up the best I could, left my undies on the floor for someone else to find, they were very full of poop, front to back!!
I pulled my diaper and sweats back up, knowing full well after lunch I’d shit my diaper full. The whole morning was a lot of fun, and decided that evening to go back and see if my undies were still there or perhaps that kids undies would be there. I’ll let you know latter…

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