Good Friends

Tom and I have been good friends for many years since leaving high school, very good friends, if you know what I mean. I had now got a small unit in town with just the one bedroom and often, Tom would come round for a bit of fun and if it was a bit late, Tom would bunk down on the settee.

One frosty morning, a few months ago, Tom came and slipped into my bed to get warm. This had happened a few times and, of course, our wandering hands explored each other’s body.
Since then, I had always fitted a mattress protector in case of accidents and this morning Tom came into my bed again and our wandering hands caused both of us to have erections. I slipped my hand down the front of Tom,s pants and got hold of a handful of his scrotum which I massaged gently. With one finger, I explored his anus and Tom,s hand was equally engaged in exploring my genitals.
Tom then said that he was busting for a leak and I suggested that we both try out the mattress protector, as I was in need of one too. As Tom was the guest, I volunteered to pee first and I let it dribble out at first, before a full flow was soaking his hand and the bed. With my hand now holding is erection, he started to pee over my hand. By this time, we were both soaked and decided that we had better get up. I stripped off the sheets and we both headed for the bathroom/Laundry, where I put the sheets in the washer and we both got into the shower.
The hot water from the shower was what we both needed and I started soaping Tom,s body so that he became aroused again until he came. The feeling of Tom,s hands on my soapy body had the same effect.

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  1. WOW!! Now that’s what I call close.

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