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  1. Don’t know, but that reminds me of an underground comic called “This is Dynamite.” by S. Clay Wilson. He did it reluctantly on commission over 3 years (only a 2-page comic we’re talking about here), and finished it in 1986. Story of 2 long-time (decades) gay lovers with an extreme scat fetish, graphically illustrated. He found the whole thing revolting, I doubt he’d take on work like that again, if he’s even still alive. I’m a straight guy, the only reason I even know about that is because it came in an anthology collection of underground comics (Taboo #5) that I bought at a used bookstore.

    I imagine if you searched hard enough and shamelessly enough, you could pay somebody to take on a custom creation like that, but I doubt it would come cheap, and you’d probably get a lot of rejections before you found the taker, considering the subject matter. Maybe try reaching out to whoever created that ABDL comic you found? Curious about that, by the way, what’s it called and how did you find it?

  2. i make art and would be maybe willing to work with you depending on your budget! a lot of NSFW artists, especially fetish art can be found either on twitter, deviantart or furaffinity (easier to find non-fur art than you think!)

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