Gone to a conference

I have been low key on here, but thought I would give an update. I was on a conference and did a little bit of desert wetting in the southwest. I got cold from the quick dry, but I never really got wet too far below my knees. I had on white under armour long underwear with basketball shorts over them. I know it sounds tacky, but I screwed up when I packed clothes. I also wear a singlet sometimes when I hike and I peed that as well. Didn’t pee the speedo jammers though, I actually wore those as outerwear because I was sweating too much going up hill and there was no water around. Had to conserve water, pee comes later, water was more important. Anyway, I met a woman at the conference that was so hot to me my fetish also evaporated. This has only happened a few times in my life. This may last a few weeks or longer; once it was a few months. yeah, she was single too. A young, small town woman and I got her number right away too. We are corresponding.

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