Golf Desperation

Laura Diaz rocked nervously watching Annika Sorenstam line up her putt. Diaz’s bladder kept sending urgent relief signals, forcing the LPGA professional to squeeze her thighs together as best she could to hold her bladder in place. Unable to figure out why she needed to go so badly, Laura refocused on her game as Annika sunk her putt and moved away.
Meanwhile, the foursome of Kelli Kuehne, Carin Koch, Beth Bauer and Natalie Gulbis paced the fourteenth green, each in their own gut wrenching battle with their bladders. Each used their caddies as cover to make a quick grab of relief in their crotch while no one looked. Kelli, glancing at the crowd, noticed several spectators bobbing up and down nervously, as they were.
Disgracing herself on national television was unimaginable. She remembered the last time she had an accident in her pants. During a round of golf she was playing with a friend while in college, she’d been caught short on the golf course and lost several quirts into her panties and khaki golf shorts. Her friends had laughed a bit, even Kelli managing a light hearted chuckle. But now, on TV, pissing her panties just couldn’t happen.
Her panties, cotton Jockey For Her Elance high-cuts in white. She only wore cotton when playing, the sweat making anything else uncomfortable. She liked Jockey, and wished she could maybe get a sponsorship some day. She glanced at her group mates, seeing their own desperation clear as day and wondering how close they were to loosing it.
Behind that group, Christie Kerr and Emilee Klein were squeezing for all their worth to keep dry panties. Christie watched in agony as a young girl of about thirteen started pissing her shorts, the wet stain blossoming on her crotch. The girl’s mother was in no better shape, the crotch of her tan capri’s showing a small wet spot. Suddenly, the mother’s wet spot grew substantially as the mother’s bladder started emptying into her pants. Several other spectators groaned in agony as they smelled, witnessed, and heard the sounds of release.
Unknown to all, a virus had worked its way into the local water table, one that affected both bladder control, and bowel control. It was similar to what happens when you drink Mexican water, but different enough to be missed on normal purity tests. The little bug was also in the bottled water at the tournament, it being supplied by a local company.
Laura Diaz cursed herself for wearing white shorts today. Even the slightest leak would show, and it was going to happen any minute now. The porta-potties had been overfilled, so they were all locked, and the on course facilities were also feeling the crunch of the little water bug. Now on the next hole, Laura walked up to the green, her mind starting to panic at not finding a place except her pants to find relief for her body’s overfilled bladder.
As she squatted to check the break, she felt the first squirt in her panties. She quickly got back control, but not before a second one gushed into her crotch. Her lucky Fruit-of-the-Loom briefs wouldn’t hold up under too many squirts. As she crouched again, though, the end came. Annika was standing next to her when it happened
“Oh my god Anni, I’m pissing my pants!”
The yellow stream gently cascaded from her crotch, most of it flowing backwards towards her butt. Her white shorts turned yellow transparent as urine soaked through them. As the flow stopped, she cried in relief. Then the bug hit phase two. Her stomach gurgled, her bowels shook. Laura couldn’t believe it as she lost total control, and a brown mess flooded her cotton briefs, sagging the back of her shorts.
Annika, in no better shape, lost several sympathetic squirts into her satin panties and dark blue pants seeing Laura relieve herself. Her own stomach was surging in aggravation, her last crouch to look at the green leaving her a wet feeling in her butt. She had to hold on, she couldn’t do what Laura had, messed herself.
Behind them, Kelli stood rigid, fighting to keep herself dry. Her partner, Beth Bauer, bit her lip so hard it bled a little. Beth stood fighting her stomach, its rumblings and churning signaling trouble for her panties. Beth moaned at the thought of her panties being soiled. Floral print Victoria’s Secret high cut cotton panties. A sample from the marketing rep who she was talking with about sponsorship. They were so nice, dirtying them would be childish and embarrassing. Suddenly her ass grew hot as she felt the back of her khaki shorts pull taught, her enormous load starting its exit from her body.
Her crotch tightened as the turd pushed it’s way out solidly at first. Then it became softer and softer. Beth felt poop squirming around to the front of her panties and up her abdomen as she couldn’t stop filling her panties with poop, thanks to the little water bug.
Kelli smelled the mess, thinking she wasn’t too far off from Beth.
Natalie Gulbis, the 19 year-old phenom, felt herself squirting little by little into her pants. The crotch of her khaki short length pants began to show wet as one squirt after another pulsed into her panties. Natalie loved cotton when playing, her small figure letting her wear young girls HanesHerWay underwear. Today she had on bikinis with bright fun flowers all over them. The flowers, not in need of watering, were seeing a rain storm of pee bursts. The damn broke finally, piss surging into her bikinis with force enough to shoot out and down her leg.
Female spectators watched in horror, some younger girls following the queue of their idol and letting go in their pants. It was a total wet fest, with guys and women hobbling off for the woods to seek relief.
Christie Kerr, seeing her chance between holes, left her partner to find a place in the woods to try and save herself. Hobbling as fast as she could, Christie found refuge behind a stand of trees. Another spectator, a girl in her late teens, was desperately tugging at her zipper to get it down while a trickle of piss ran down her thigh. Her shorts came down just as her flow went full force, her pink satin panties turning dark as piss flooded them.
Christie felt her crotch burn for relief, a squirt blowing into her panties as she undid her belt and shorts button. Her worst nightmare happened when her zipper stuck a quarter of the way down. She tugged and tugged, but it wouldn’t release. She was starting to squirt uncontrollably into her panties , and tried just yanking her shorts down, Her broad hips kept them from going more than halfway though. At the same time, her stomach gurgled with rage, and she felt her ass begin to burn like her crotch. Christie felt each warm, wet pulse of urine burst into her panties.
Finally the zipper gave, her semi-wet shorts falling to the ground. A dark wet patch was growing across her gray panties, Christie not even bothering to yank them down. Her urgent need was relieved as urine surged like a flood as she released herself into her panties. Christie watched as her panties went dark all the way up to the waistband, a stream cascading from her crotch back to her butt. What would happen after she was done, Christie didn’t know, didn’t care about, it just felt good to finally pee.
Annika Sorenstam writhed in agony, hearing the sound of piss spraying into Laura Diaz’s shorts. Diaz’s white shorts, now yellow stained, were partially transparent, showing her flowered white brief panties. Annika’s ass was hot from the slight accident she had, her stomach still gurgling. Her blue pants only showed a dime sized wet spot from her squirting as Laura flooded herself. Annika watched as Laura walked across the green, the bulge in the back of her shorts wobbling from side to side. Laura valiantly played on after completely messing her pants.
Annika felt her bladder pulsing, aching for release. Behind her, a young girl moaned, “No, no not now. Oh god, I’m pissing in my pants.”
Hearing this sent the Swede’s mind spinning, so much she didn’t feel the stream begin into her panties. The front and back of her blue pants went dark as they flooded with piss. Squatting to save her shoes, Annika felt her bowels give way, the back of her pants bulging as they filled with soft poop. Piss was still squirting into her panties five minutes later, her abnormally large bladder having been filled to capacity. Now all she could do was stand up and try to play on with some sort of dignity.
Kelli Kuehne meanwhile had lost a couple of squirts into her panties over a twenty minute span. She bobbed up and down, her legs moving back and forth as she fought to keep herself reasonably dry. Seeing Natalie and Beth release themselves was sheer agony, her own body aching for relief more than she ha ever felt before. Glancing down, there was a tiny wet spot at the bottom of her zipper. Stepping up to tee off, she felt another tiny squirt into her crotch. Pausing to regain control, Kelli finally lost it when she bent down to tee up her ball.
Squirt, squirt, squirt, Kelli felt her crotch throbbing in and out as she squirted into her panties. Her back swing was one long squirt, her follow through another. Watching the ball sail, Kelli resolved herself to a unique course of action. Male and female spectators stared in surprise as the young start unzipped her shorts, squatting with them around her ankles. She gave up on her already wet panties, sighing in relief as she relaxed her tired muscles and turned her once white cotton panties a deep amber yellow. Her panties went wet through the waistband, the only white mark left was the Jockey logo tag on the front.
The wash of warm piss all over her womanhood and ass stirred something else in Kelli, the beginnings of a strong orgasm growing quickly. The piss was streaming from her crotch, agonizing some members of the gallery who still had managed to keep from pissing themselves.
Carin Koch, her own body ready for release, watched as Kelli Kuehne pissed her panties on national television. Carin’s body burned with the need for release. With four more holes to go, she couldn’t figure out how she would last without flooding her pink capri pants. Her body, though, made the decision.
Her ass grew wet as her muscles relaxed with fatigue, a constant stream of urine pouring into the crotch of her panties and down her leg. With everyone watching Kelli Keuhne’s show, no one noticed Koch flooding her pants. She finished by blowing an enormous load of soft poop into her panties, finishing the round with a bulge in her pants wobbling from side to side.
Everywhere on the course, men and women were pissing in the bushes, pissing in the woods, pissing themselves. After the tournament, garbage men across America noticed a lot of stained panties and clothes in the trash. Except Laura Diaz, who couldn’t bear to part with her lucky Fruit of the Loom cotton briefs. The next tournament, piss stains and all, she won for the first time, pissing in them later when she was alone just to keep the luck in them.

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